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Employer Responsibilities Under California Workers Comp Law

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California Employer Responsibilities Under Workers Comp Law

Employer Responsibilities Under California Workers' Comp. Laws - Legal Help

Employer Responsibilities Under California Workers' Comp. Laws - Legal Help

Workers compensation insurance is a part of each California employer's benefits package. It is required by law for most companies to insure their employees with workers' comp.  This insurance covers work-related injuries or illnesses that are suffered by employees while on the job. These injuries are classified as either "accidental" or "occupational" and are separate from regular health insurance.

Many Benefits Are Available But Limits Apply

California Workers compensation benefits can be awarded for medical treatment, rehabilitation, disability, vocational training and even death benefits. There are some limitations to the amount of money that may be paid out under workers' comp for each category. The time limits which govern these matters are quite strict as well.

Employers Who Fail to Provide Insurance Are Penalized and Can Be Shut Down

Employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance to employees on their payroll who work in California. It is required regardless of how many employees work for the employer. Failure to do so can result in loss of business licensing, fines and even criminal charges being filed against the business and its owners.

An employer that fails to provide workers compensation insurance is usually closed down for the duration of time that they are uninsured. The business will not be allowed to reopen until a policy has been purchased and registered with the state.  Violation of this law often results in criminal charges being filed as well. In addition, an employer who fails to provide workers compensation insurance can also be sued along with their business and assets seized.

Workers Should Know Their Benefits And Seek Work Injury Legal Help

An injured worker who has been deprived of California Workers compensation benefits through no fault of their own should immediately contact a qualified attorney to discuss what legal recourse they may have available to them.  It is important that any application for workers' comp benefits be filed as soon after the injury as possible.

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    California Work Injury Lawyer


    Have you been injured at work? You should know your rights under California workers' compensation law! In this article you will find the California workers' compensation benefits explained. - Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.

    Home » Practice Areas » Workers' Compensation » Workers' Comp: Employers' Responsibilities

    Medical Treatment to Cure Or Relieve The Work Injury

    Employers are required to provide the injured worker with medical treatment, including transportation to the doctor's office or hospital. This is paid for by assigning a dollar value on each type of service that is provided under a reimbursement schedule.

    Mileage Reimbursement To and From Doctor Appointments and Pharmacy

    Here's another Employer Responsibilities Under California Workers Comp Law. When an employer provides transportation for their employees to get medical care under California workers' compensation, they are allowed to set a specific allowance for miles traveled and still get compensation for their services. However, the amount that can be paid to an employer for mileage reimbursement under California workers' compensation is set by the California Department of Industrial Relations. For 2022, this limit is 58.5 cents per mile traveled to and form doctor appointments to treat the industrial injury. Trips to the pharmacy to procure approved medications should also receive mileage reimbursement.

    If the workers' compensation claim is denied, then the adjuster will not be paying these benefits when they are submitted. Instead, the adjuster will hold off on payment until either a Qualified Medical Evaluator or Workers' Compensation Judge say the injury must be accepted. Call a lawyer for legal advice if your claim is denied, delayed or accepted. You should be paid all of your benefits. It is Employer Responsibilities Under California Workers Comp Law.

    Vocational Rehabilitation for Qualified Injured Workers

    California workers' compensation benefits include Vocational Rehabilitation when the injured worker cannot return to their normal and customary duties because of a permanent disability related to work. For Qualified Injured Workers, a $6,000.00 voucher that can be applied toward school + an additional $5,000.00 cash.

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