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Taking “The Offer” From Amazon? Consult A Work Injury Lawyer First

Taking “The Offer” From Amazon? Consult A Work Injury Lawyer First – Each year after the holidays, usually in mid-late January, Amazon makes “the offer”. The offer is an agreement made between Amazon and the employee where the employee agrees to quite and not apply for rehire, ever. The level of the employee off depends on the number of seasons the employee has worked. Tier 1 is usually about $1,000.00 and Tier 2 for 2019 is around $2,000.00.

Should You Take the Offer or Get a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Amazon Warehouse Work Injury Lawyers Explore The Offer

Amazon Warehouse Work Injury Lawyers Explore The Offer

It can be appealing to give in and take “the offer.” Surely, it is the right move for some workers to obtain extra funds to seek better opportunities elsewhere. But if you have been hurt at work during the seasonal rush, it might be better to consult with a work injury lawyer first. Therefore, if you have been hurt at Amazon warehouse, you should consult with a lawyer like Napolin to learn your rights. Do so before taking “The Offer” because your work injury rights might be much more valuable than “The Offer.”

What If I have Already Taken The Offer But I Got Hurt At Amazon?

The only way to sign away your workers’ compensation claim rights for an injury at work is by a Compromise and Release approved by a judge. If you took the offer to leave Amazon but you got hurt and saw a doctor, you might still be able to prove your case. Call Napolin at 844-984-4878 if you would like to learn more about the value of your case after taking the offer to leave Amazon. You might be surprised that your case is still alive and well with more compensation due and owing right away.

Taking The Offer Because You Got Hurt at Amazon?

Sometimes unsuspecting workers are lured into leaving because they are hurt. For example, their back started during while picking all the packages from Black Friday through Christmas. If so, they might consider leaving Amazon forever because they do not want to feel the pain of working their anymore. But little do they realize that they got hurt at Amazon because of their work! Guess what? They have workers’ compensation benefits rights that could be worth way more! In this case, consulting with the right attorney to find out how much you are really entitled to is a must.

Napolin Job Accident Work Injury Lawyer Helps

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Hurt at an Amazon warehouse and would like to learn more about your workers compensation rights? Considering leaving for greener pastures but want to maximize your departure? Napolin has represented over a dozen Amazon workers just like you. He knows the process and might be able to help you. Start with a free consultation. Call Napolin at 9844-984-4878. Offices in Ontario, Riverside, Glendora and Orange California!

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