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South California Traffic Congestion Car Accident Injury Attorney

South California Traffic Congestion Car Accident Injury Attorney

South California Traffic Congestion Car Accident Injury Attorney

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, congestion fatalities increased by 7% in one year. That is an increase from 3,387 to 3,623 deaths. Not only that but in California alone, there is at least one death every 0.1 mile traveled. These are the statistics we live with. That is why driving in traffic congestion is more dangerous as you may think. There is a lot at stake for you here. 

Understand why traffic congestion increases your likelihood to get into a car accident

In times of traffic congestion, you slow down, drive and stop. You may think this is a good time to check on other things while you drive. But that is where the probability of an accident increases. As you are driving during and slowing down during a congested traffic situation, the chances are you will find yourself distracted. Why? Because when we are slowly driving, we get more comfortable. So we read that text we received, and respond to it. We watch that video or picture that a friend sent us on Facebook. We make that call that we were meaning to make earlier. We use our phone to check our navigation. All of which create severe distractions likely to get us in a fatal accident. During times of congestion, the slow and go pattern can easily lead you to a rear-end car accident. Distraction does that! 

That is not the only thing about traffic congestion. It is a very stressful time. People driving are frustrated and impatient. They drive aggressively and angrily. They may cut in front of you and make sudden lane changes. 

Contributors to Traffic Congestion

There are a lot of factors that contribute to increasing traffic congestion in our roads and highways. 

  • Population growth

As the population grows, demand also increases. As the population grows, the roads are staying the same. So there are more drivers than roads. This is especially true for the suburban drivers commuting to cities. Unfortunately, the infrastructure does not meet the population growth present. 

  • No alternatives

This is not true for all states in America. Some states have efficient public transportation systems that help with this problem. In California, that is not the case. While we have buses and subway and train systems, these are only functional within the cities but nowhere outside. They are also not very efficient and take a very long time. There is no system in place for suburban cities and commuters. For that reason, people use cars as their main means of transportation. 

  • Road obstacles

Obstacles in the road can sometimes cause blockage and merger. The majority of traffic congestion accidents happen when facing unexpected construction and lane closure. Other obstacles include, double parking, narrowing roads and animals passing or crossing. 

  • Over-development

This connects to the first point regarding population growth. There are areas where lots of people live that create massive traffic congestion. In such areas, there is development in many areas with an adequate road system. This causes development on one side while lack on the other.

Tips to insure your safety while driving in congestion

The tips discussed in this article are things you probably already know. But you also probably think they are not as important as we deem. But trust us, these tips can save you and others from very bad accident injuries. 

You must drive with care

We understand that traffic congestion is aggravating. We also understand that sometimes you have to make it to an appointment or an important meeting. But you really have to always drive with care. Driving with care means being aware of your situation as well as your surroundings. Do not drive if you are feeling tired or drowsy or if you had a little bit to drink. That also includes being on the lookout for any strange behavior by other drivers on the road. 

Do not be distracted

So many studies conclude that distraction is your worst enemy when driving. In the second that took you to check your phone and read that text, a rear-end or a fatal accident could occur. 

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