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The Dangers of Christmas Day Driving in California

The Dangers of Christmas Day Driving in California

The Dangers of Christmas Day Driving in California

As Andy Williams sings about Christmas, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. However, with the miraculousness and joy that comes with Christmas, there is a side that is often not talked about: car accidents. Christmas day driving can be dangerous as people rush to be with their families or go home, or even drunk drivers. All of this increases the chances of a motor vehicle accident on Christmas. 

Statistics on Christmas Day Driving

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), every year, more than 400 people die during the Christmas holiday. Traffic deaths are estimated to be between 372 to 478 each year. Traditionally, holidays are a time for families to travel across cities and states. Many people drive on Christmas, which has the highest fatality rate. Christmas is also often celebrated with alcohol, which increases alcohol-caused crashes. In 2017 alone, alcohol contributed to 29% of traffic fatalities. In 2016, 32% of fatalities were caused by alcohol on Christmas day.


How to Avoid Accidents when Driving on Christmas Day 

Like the tips you would usually follow when you are driving in general, the same apply for driving on Christmas day. But you should take some extra precautions on Christmas day. 

  • Do not drive during the peak hours

There are certain hours when the roads are busiest. In general, Christmas Eve and the day after the holiday have more traffic than usual. On Christmas eve, the busiest time is around dinner and later in the evening. This is when a lot of drunk drivers are out on the road. 

  • Plan to spend the night instead of driving late at night 

In addition to drunk drivers, driving in the holidays is tiring. With so many festivities going on, family and children, and many errands being run, fatigue and drowsy driving is high. Statistically speaking, if you drive when you are tired, you increase your chances of getting into a car crash. 


Contact an Auto Accident Injury Attorney 

If you or someone you know has been in an accident or crash while driving on Christmas day, call Napolin Law Firm as soon after the accident as possible. We understand how accidents on Christmas can be a horrifying experience. Whether you were hit by a drunk driver or a drowsy driver, it does not matter. You need medical attention and to be taken care of any injuries and damages you may incur. Our team works with so many insurance companies and case adjusters, and we know how frustrating these claims can be. That is why when you retain us, we prioritize your medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.