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Understanding Free Consultation in Accident Injury Law Firms

Understanding Free Consultation in Accident Injury Law Firms

Understanding Free Consultation in Accident Injury Law Firms

At Napolin Law Firm, we offer everyone calling an opportunity to consult us for free. Our Free Consultation policy is a very important and valuable tool for accident victims to learn about their options and understand their claims. Why do we do this? Because we understand the stress and anxiety that goes on after sustaining injuries following any type of accident. And we are here to help you and that’s why we offer you legal advice. 

The Importance of a Free Consultation Policy 

Free consultation is important for both the victim and the lawyer. From the attorney’s perspective, free consultation provides an opportunity to obtain information about the injury or injuries, evaluate their claims, and predict the case success. Through the initial meeting, the lawyer wants to be able to determine his success potential in obtaining the best compensation for your claimed injuries. 

From your perspective (the client), free consultation is an opportunity to get an expert opinion, legal advice on the validity of your claims. This meeting provides clients an opportunity to understand the process and the reasonable and realistic damage recovery and compensation award. It is also a great way for clients to meet with different lawyers to make an informed decision whether to hire a specific lawyer or another. 

How to Prepare for your Free Consultation with an Injury Attorney

It is extremely vital to be prepared for your free consultation, in order to make it an effective meeting. It helps you as well as the attorney get the most of the meeting and proceed in the most effective ways. First, you must be prepared to give the attorney a detailed and accurate statement and story about the accident and your injury. Do not try or attempt to reshape or change the story to make it favorable to you. Remember, this attorney – if hired – represents your best interest. Second, gather and bring all documents that are related to the accident or what you think may be helpful. This can include police reports, medical records or any other document related to the accident.

Documents to bring during your Free Consultation meeting

An essential part of the preparation is gathering and preparing relevant documents. From representing thousands of clients, here is a comprehensive list of the types of documents you should bring with you to a free consultation meeting:

  1. Your Driver’s Liscence and IDs of any and all passengers 
  2. Pictures related to the accident or your injuries
  3. Accident investigation reports such as police reports and insurance companies reports
  4. Any traffic citations or tickets that you received from the accident. 
  5. Names and contact information for all witnesses of the accident
  6. Medical treatment records from hospitals and/or your doctor
  7. Any medical imaging done such as X-Rays and MRIs
  8. Your insurance policy 
  9. The party at fault’s insurance name and policy if you have it. 

What to Expect during a Consultation Meeting with an Injury Attorney

As explained, the purpose of this meeting is to learn about the case and types of claims. The attorney will listen to your story to understand the accident. Then will gather the documents you would present. Everything discussed during this free consultation, initial meeting is confidential, even if you have not yet hired the attorney. 

If the attorney believes there is basis for your claims and feels confident in obtaining a proper compensation, he will want you as a client. The attorney will explain to you the process of filing a personal injury claim in addition to the expected timeline. Afterwards, he will discuss the retainer agreement and fees. Napolin Law handles cases on a contingency fee which means we only get paid if we win your case. Nothing comes out of your pocket. 

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If you or someone you know had been in any accident, and sustained injuries as a result, call us. We will offer you a free consultation to answer all your potential questions. Take advantage of our free consultation policy and contact us today to learn more about how you can recover your damages.