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Proving Lost Wages in Personal Injury Lawsuit in California

Proving Lost Wages in Personal Injury Lawsuit in California

Proving Lost Wages in Personal Injury Lawsuit in California

There is an aspect to car accidents and other personal injuries that people don’t know about. Lost wages as a result of injuries caused by auto and other types of accidents. Lost wages are part of damages that victims incur in a personal injury claim. When you are injured, you lose time from work and hence earnings. This aspect of damages incurred is called lost wages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Things you Need to Provide in order to Prove your Lost Wages

There are various documents that you need to provide in order for the insurance company to compensate you for any lost wages. The list below explains in detail these documents and what they refer to.

Employment Records

To compensate for all your lost wages, you must provide records for your salaries and other income. These include your pay stubs, employment contract, and any other document that proves your income. If you are submitting pay stubs, you should provide pay stubs from before your accident and after, to prove that the accident caused you loss of earnings.

Employer Statement 

An employer statement is a letter written by employer and obtained by the employee. This statement should include your rate of pay, the number of hours you used to work and number of hours you missed because of the accident. A very important distinction you should make sure your employer reflects in his/her statement is your lost wages. Your wages should be reflected on a gross basis and not on a net basis.

Income tax returns

This is a way that you can use provide evidence for what you have lost due to the accident. Include your W2s and your tax return for before and after the accident.

Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

Unlike Workers compensation, you are entitled to recover your lost wages due to your injuries caused by any type of accident. If you are unsure what that means or you need the help of an attorney, call the Napolin team to schedule a free consultation. You may be able to file your personal injury claim and ask for compensation for your lost wages on your own. However, you are most likely to either receive a denial or be awarded a small compensation. With the expertise of our team, we can assure you a just and reasonable compensation for all your damages.