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Things You Should Know About Rental Car Accidents

Things You Should Know About Rental Car Accidents

Things You Should Know About Rental Car Accidents

Whenever you rent a car, rental companies ask you to pay for car insurance in case of an accident. But do you really know what happens if you get in a rental car accident? What about being hit by someone driving a rental car? Who is at fault then? All of these questions are vague. Through years of practice, the Napolin Law team learnt that people are not aware of their legal rights and responsibilities. This article aims to help you understand the process of rental car accidents.

Most Important things to do after a Rental Car Accident

A rental car accident is like any other car accident that happens on the road. The same rules apply. The difference lay in some additional layers that add complexity to the case. The important thing to remember is that documentation is extremely crucial to establish a strong case.

  • Call the police

Calling the police is the first step towards documentation. A police report helps establish ground for your case that helps determine fault in some cases. 

  • Are you or anyone else injured? 

You should check for injuries to yourself or anyone else with you in the car. You should also note if the other party was injured as well. Take pictures of any immediate injuries you see on yourself and anyone involved. Make sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible to make sure that all your injuries are attained for. 

  • Where and who was involved?

Documenting exactly where the accident took place is very important. Take pictures of the scene and surrounding areas. Also make sure to take the contact information of the parties involved in the accident. That includes their full names, addresses, contact information,  driver’s license, license plate, their car and any damages you see. And if there are any witnesses, make sure to also take their information. 

  • Contact your insurance company

Insurance companies require you to make a claim whenever there is an accident. Learn about your insurance policy and what your options are. If you are not at fault, then you should not worry. The party at fault will take full responsibility. However, if the person at fault has no insurance, you should find out whether you have uninsured motorist covered under your policy or not. If you do, then your insurance company will cover your damages. 

  • Who was driving the rental car?

If it is you in the rental car, you must immediately call the company to inform them about the accident. This way you will save yourself a process of fines and fees that you will be charged. If you were hit by a rental car, then you do not need to contact the company. 

  • Hire an experienced rental car accident attorney

It is very crucial to speak to a lawyer regarding your accident. An attorney will guide you through the process and explain your legal rights. Napolin Law provides all clients with a free consultation at their convenient time. During the consultation, we learn about the accident and give an initial analysis that aims to help you make a decision. 

Napolin Law Firm Rental Car Accidents Frequently Asked Questions

We work with clients from a variety of backgrounds. And we deal with cases that varies in its complexity and situation. But some questions we get asked are frequent, especially when it comes to rental car accidents. These are some of the questions:

  • How much coverage does my rental car insurance have?

How much your rental car insurance cover depends on the extent of liability insurance you got from the rental company. On average, liability insurance provided by rental companies cover for physical damages to the car. Your injuries or other damages sustained other than to the physical vehicle damages are not covered under the rental company coverage. 

  • Is the rental company liable for the accident?

The way the system is set up is that it is extremely rare to find the rental company liable for car accidents. Instead, it is often treated like any other car accident. What that means is that liability is determined based on who is at fault. The company is liable if there is a defect in the car that caused the accident. In this case, this becomes a case of negligence. 

  • How long does the process of filing a lawsuit take?

Like any other car accident claim, you are able to file a lawsuit within the two-year period of statute of limitation. After which you are no longer able to file any claims. The process starts by you seeking medical attention and our office collects medical records and bills. The treatment period depends on the severity of your injuries. Once you are done with treatment, we write a demand to the insurance company for compensation award. That often takes up to 30 days. If approved, we begin finalizing your settlement. 

  • Can I do this on my own? How does an attorney help?

You can definitely do this on you own without the help of an attorney. But it is not advisable. An attorney knows the system very well and has the experience of negotiating with claim adjusters. An attorney fights on your behalf to ensure you receive the most reasonable and fair compensation for your damages. 

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