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Shocking Statistics of Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Shocking Statistics of Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Shocking Statistics of Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents do not always involve just ordinary consumer cars. Emergency vehicles, fire trucks and police cars also get in many accidents. Road fatalities are 4.8 times more likely to occur for emergency vehicles. The reason for that is that these emergency responders have to drive at fast speeds. 

Statistics involving Emergency Vehicle Accidents 

Ambulance Vehicles Accidents

This may come to you as a surprise. Emergency medical responders have a very high risk of getting involved in a car crash. Ambulance vehicles are involved in more than 6,000 accidents every year. Out of these accidents, 35% involved the death of at least one person. 29 fatal ambulance crash causes 33 deaths in every single year. An additional 600 people get injured in these accidents. More than half of those killed in these accidents are not ambulance passengers. Instead, more than 60% of those killed are in a passenger vehicle. Only 21% are ambulance occupants. The majority of these emergency vehicle accidents take place during times of emergency with a percentage of 60%. 

Fire truck Accidents

Following ambulance vehicles, fire trucks are the second leading fatal accidents. In the span of 9 years, more than 31,000 fire truck accidents took place. Out of the 31,000 accidents, 49 led to death. As emergency ambulance vehicles, the majority of fire truck accidents occur during times of emergency. 

Police Cars Accident

The patterns here is high speeds due to emergency. In America, police cars accidents account for 300 deaths each year. Police cars, sometimes, double the rate of road crashes. In fact, police officer deaths was 50% resulting from emergency vehicle accidents. The LA police department paid more than $24 million in settlements and verdicts.

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If you or someone you know was hit by an ambulance car, a fire truck or a police car, you have legal rights you may want to pursue. At Napolin Law, we help you realize your rights and work hard for you to seek it. It is important to know who is liable in these situations. These types of cases are a little more complex than your normal car accident or crash. These involve private corporations and public and government entities. That is why seeking legal help is very important. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.