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How to Tell that You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in California

Do You Need a California Workers Compensation Lawyer for Injury Claim Benefits?

Workers Compensation Lawyer in California

Workers Compensation Lawyer in California

Many workers in California are aware that if they are injured on the job that they will be covered under Workers Compensation. Unfortunately, many employees become injured and do not know how to correctly pursue a workers compensation claim in California. Sometimes when workers get hurt on the job their employer and the insurance company play fair and give to the worker what the worker should get under Workers Compensation Law. Some of these benefits include adequate medical treatment, temporary disability money and permanent disability money. Other times, the employer and the insurance company decide to cheat the injured worker out of benefits to save on costs such as premiums and medical bills.

It is common for the employer to tell the employee not to report the injury to the insurance company so that the employer’s Workers Compensation insurance premium does not increase. Instead, they will tell the injured worker to go to use the injured worker’s own private health insurance for treatment. If the injured worker lacks private health insurance, the employer will sometimes pay for the initial costs of treatment at a clinic for the injured worker hoping the injured worker will get better quickly and not ever report a claim for Workers Compensation benefits to the insurance company. If your employer tells you to go treat on your private insurance or offers to pay for medical treatment without reporting to the insurance company, you need to get a California Workers Compensation lawyer. You can be sure that an employer who knows you got hurt on the job but who is trying to deny you your right to Workers Compensation in California will continue to deny that you were injured on the job at all costs. You will need a Workers Compensation lawyer to combat this injustice.

A California Work Injury Lawyer Can Help You With The Benefits You Deserve!

Workers Compensation Law

Workers Compensation Law

Another common experience among injured workers involves a situation where the injured worker is treated fairly at first but later begins to experience problems with getting treatment and the money benefits the worker is truly entitled to under the law. For example, insurance companies often will provide spectacular initial medical evaluations and treatments, but when it turns out that the employee has a more serious injury than met the eye, the insurance company will start denying important treatments for the worker. What this does is frustrate the employee to such an extent that the employee ends up giving up on trying to get the proper care for their injury and walks away from the process altogether or takes whatever the insurance company is willing to offer. If you are being denied medical treatment for your work related injury or are off of work due to a work related injury and not receiving temporary disability money, you need a Workers Compensation Lawyer to get the benefits that you deserve. Do not let your boss or the insurance adjuster tell you what you are entitled to. Those people financially gain when you take less than what you should be getting!

A Workers Compensation lawyer will be able to evaluate your unique situation and determine what benefits you should be getting. The lawyer can then proceed to formally request those benefits. If the insurance company continues to deny them to the injured worker, the lawyer can appeal to a California judge to resolve the dispute. If you feel you are not being denied benefits in any way, it is always safe to pick up the phone and call an experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer to find out how bad you are being shortchanged by the insurance company. How to Tell that You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in California.

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