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Brain Injury

What to Know About Brain Injury

Brain Damage - A Very Serious Health Problem

Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI for short, is often caused by an impact from an external mechanical force, such as a blow to the head. Such a blow can occur from a slip and fall incident, physical assault, or in an automobile accident. When it occurs during a car crash, the face and/or skull strikes the steering wheel, door or a loose object within the automobile. If you have experienced a blow to the face or skull, it is important to know about the possible health consequences that come with it.

A TBI may be the source of numerous additional health problems and mental problems that often last for the rest of one's life. Common symptoms that people may exhibit include: decrease in memory, painful headaches, as well as pain in the back of the head, the neck and the shoulders. In many cases these pains and aches worsen over time and never get better. It may cause cognitive dysfunction that leads to thought overload, where the person is unable to handle new or complex information. Often times patients suffer from emotional problems such as stress, insomnia and fatigue. Later in life, it could lead to lowered sensory abilities and may cause difficulty communicating and increased vulnerability to mental disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Effect on Children in Automobile Collisions

Head trauma can and does affect children as well as adults, but in different ways. The physical structures of the body continue to develop until age 20 to 25. During the developmental years, the brain is far more vulnerable to permanent damage. Therefore, it can take children and young adults 6 to 10 times longer to recover from a hit compared to their adult counterparts. Many never recover at all.

The Most Common Types of Violent Impact Brain Damage

TBI commonly result from violent impact to the skull or an extreme jolt to the neck during a car crash. The impact or jolt creates swelling and internal bleeding in the head that can result in permanent problems, especially if not treated by an emergency MD with follow up doctor visits. While most conditions are treatable, they can and do affect daily life physically and mentally, potentially forever. The most common type is a concussion. Concussions are usually not life threatening but can cause headaches, memory loss, and nausea. It may take up to several years for a concussion to heal completely. A contusion is a less common form and this causes bleeding due to bruising.  If the bruised area is large enough, surgery may be necessary to cure or relieve the effects of the collision. Surgery success rates vary depending upon the severity of the problem.

A person who has been hurt in the past is at a high risk of Second Impact Syndrome, or SIS for short. SIS most commonly is sustained when a person suffers an additional concussion before the first was completely healed. This often occurs when a person suffers another traumatic experience in an automobile accident, car crash or motorcycle collision.

Different Treatments Provided For Those With Head Trauma

Brain Injury Treatments

Brain Injury Treatments

A mild blow in an automobile may only cause a concussion and may not require any medical treatment.  Even so, a person suffering a mild concussion should probably close monitoring for any worsening symptoms. Moderate to severe cases require immediate medical attention. It is critical for a person suffering a moderate to severe TBI to have an adequate supply of oxygen and blood, and to be careful to prevent any further damage to the skull and neck. The most common forms of medications used in treatment include: Diuretics, anti-seizure drugs, and coma inducing drugs. These medications are used immediately after a serious trauma with the goal of limiting any secondary damage. In some situations, surgery may be required to minimize any additional issues and success rates can be low.

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injury lawyerBrain injuries are among the most serious of mental and physical health issues, and may arise from any type of auto accident, including one's involving heavy truck and buses. This can cause many issues, mentally, physically and emotionally, for those who suffer it. Often times an individual may not even become aware of the health problem until days, weeks or even months after the initial accident due to a delay in the onset of symptoms. It is very important for anyone who believes that they have been hurt in a motor vehicle crash of any kind to seek immediate medical attention and advice and guidance from a personal injury attorney. At The Napolin Law Firm, we are here to help you prove your case, starting with a free consultation!  Call to speak with a lawyer today about options to pay for treatment, lost time from work and pain and suffering, free of charge.

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