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Neck Injury

Important Information About Neck Injuries

Neck Injury

Neck Injury

Neck injuries, also known as cervical spine, can range from mild to very severe and may come about as a result of a car accident or from continued stress on the neck (wear and tear). Your cervical spine is made up of muscles, ligaments, soft tissue, as well as your spinal cord and discs. When one part becomes injured it will often affect other areas of your body including the upper and lower extremities. This is one reason why cervical spine injuries can be so serious. If you are hurt in the upper back or have experienced pain in the extremities following an auto accident, you must take action immediately. Your actions should include obtaining medical documentation and treatment as well as consultation with a lawyer about your legal right to money compensation.

Soft Tissue Neck Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are the most common types of damage. This type issue usually affects the muscles or ligaments and along the spine. Common soft tissue cervical spine issues include:

  • Kink - A lingering pain that usually arises from sleeping wrong, moving your head in a fast/jolting motion, or stress caused by working on a computer or being in a fixed position for long periods of time. It may also arise due to a specific trauma such as from the impact of a car crash.
  • Muscle strain - Muscles along the spine tense up. Most strains occur in the back but have painful effects. Muscle strains can limit range of motion with in pain and discomfort when preforming daily rituals. Symptoms of strained muscles include mild to severe pain, and limited mobility. The wrenching during an automobile collision an cause this medical issue. Medical treatment including physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture can calm the muscles and allow for a more successful recovery.ac
  • Neck sprain - This affects the ligaments, which are the connective tissues that hold bones together. Sprains are most often cause by over stretching the joint, usually due to a fall or sudden twist or snap.  Symptoms include pain, reduced flexibility, and swelling. If you think you have suffered a sprain in a roadway crash, experts recommend getting medical treatment as soon as possible. This is because some sprains end up in permanent damage.

Damage to Nerves and Spinal Cord

In certain instances, an injury can cause damage to the nervous system by affecting nerve endings or the spinal cord itself. These cases are generally much more serious than typical soft tissue problems because they often cause in life-long disability, paralysis, and may even be fatal. Most of the time serious harm arises out of a serious incident or a slip and fall. Common problems that result in nerve and/or spinal cord damage include:

  • Whiplash - is caused when the neck is hyper-extended, a violent forward and back motion. Whiplash is most often suffered during automobile accidents but also arises from sports, auto crashes or falls.  Symptoms include: dizziness, stiffness,   weakness/numbness, and tingling down the arms. Symptoms of whiplash may be delayed for a day or more before becoming prominent.
  • Herniated Disc - From tears in the tough outer fibers of the disc. This causes the disc to be pushed, often times effecting nerve roots. Herniated discs are most often brought on by sudden or forceful pressure on the joint, such as lifting a heavy load.  Treatment may vary based upon severity, but in many cases surgery is necessary in order to see improvement.
  • Spinal Cord Injury - Can often result in severe and permanent harm. Spinal cord damage occurs most often due to a fracture or dislocation. If it becomes damaged on the third cervical vertebra or above, the results are often life threatening. People who experience a spinal cord damage often suffer from permanent disability, and/or partial to complete paralysis. These problems result from severe trauma usually caused by an accident or a nasty slip and fall. Time is of the essence when obtaining treatment, the survival and quality of life of the victim depends of the timeliness of the emergency care.

Get Immediate Help From An Accident Attorney

The Napolin Law Firm Injury LawyersWhen it comes to neck problems, it is much better to be safe rather than sorry. If you or friend/family-member has experienced some type of collision or trauma, it is extremely important to seek out medical attention and legal guidance ASAP. The harm from a car accident can be life-changing and sometimes deadly if left untreated. The timeliness in which legal counsel and medical care is sought can impact your health and settlement results. It is therefore important to consult as soon as possible with an attorney in your area. At Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, we are here to offer the guidance that you need with a free case consult. Call the firm to speak with a down to earth and knowledgeable lawyer today about your case, free of charge.

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