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Burn Injury

Understanding the Nature of Burn Injury

Burn Injuries - A Very Serious Health Issue

Burn InjuryBurn Injury - A burn, or thermal trauma, is physical damage to the skin that most commonly occurs when a person’s body comes into contact with a very hot object or harmful chemical substance. It may cause serious harm by killing the cells on the affected area. Most of these wounds are serious problems and more severe ones require immediate and extensive medical attention and treatment. In extreme circumstance permanent physical damage or disfigurement can result, and could possibly result in fatality. Burning often occurs in connection with high speed automobile accidents. When a car, truck or bus is involved in a collision, the driver and passengers are at risk of coming into contact with hot objects and chemicals. Since these types of injuries cause significant pain and can result in permanent physical scars, it is important to seek legal advice from experienced car crash attorneys for information on monetary compensation.

Different Classes of Burn Wounds

Burn injuries are classified on three basic levels dependent upon the severity of the damage. A first degree is the least severe of the classifications. Symptoms include signs of redness, but the skin is not blistered. These wounds still require therapeutic treatment in most cases to cure or relieve temporary suffering. This class generally results when the body is restrained by a seatbelt during a high velocity impact.

A second degree is a bit more severe; symptoms include redness, blisters and a thickening of the skin around some parts of the affected region. Severe burns are classified as third degree. Symptoms exhibited by third include redness, blistering, thickening all over the affected area, as well as giving a shiny and leathery appearance. There are fourth degree as well. These include all the symptoms of a third degree, but fourth extend beyond the skin to internal damages.

Treatments Available to Relieve Thermal Trauma Victims

Burn Treatment OptionsMany types of thermal trauma can leave the victim with permanent skin damage, also known as disfigurement. When suffering from an injury it is very important to try to identify the severity and take the appropriate measures towards treatment. If a burn appears severe or affects a crucial part of the body, such as face, groin, or major joint, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Before getting professional evaluation the harmed area should be prepared by covering with a loose gauze or a clean cloth.

*Creams or salves should not be applied to the region because the area should kept clear for a doctor to view and treat. Do not ever apply ice or butter, these substances do no help the healing process and can actually cause more issues.

Seek an Attorney for Burn Injury from Car Accident

Car Accident Burn Lawyer HelpThermal traumas are a very common form of harm related to motor vehicle accidents; this type of injury can often be very serious and even fatal. Burns related to automobile accidents can occur due to contact with hot metal surfaces, open flames, scalding liquids and hot steam. Friction burns can result from impact with an airbag, rubbing against seatbelt straps, or coming into contact with a paved or rough surface. Friction burns tend to be less severe but can still require considerable medical treatment and evaluation. Many wounds resulting from motor vehicle crashes require comprehensive medical assessment.  It is extremely important for anyone who believes they have sustained bodily harm related to an automobile accident to seek immediate attorney advice and guidance. At The Napolin Law Firm, we are here to help you evaluate your rights with a case consultation!  Call to speak with a lawyer today, for free.

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