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Catastrophic Injury + Serious Injuries

California Accidents Causing Serious and Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury - Serious Injuries

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injuries - Defining exactly what catastrophic injury means is a difficult task as there are many definitions and uses for the term. The most common usage is within legal parlance and generally is applicable to personal injury that results in permanent disability or permanent inability to earn a livelihood or engage in gainful employment. Usually, catastrophic injuries arise unexpectedly and suddenly, leaving the victim permanently maimed. When the medical condition developed is a serious injury that has life changing and lasting implications, it is generally called a catastrophic injury.

Catastrophic Serious Injury Damages arise when someone is put out of work permanent and requires ongoing medical care and rehabilitation for the rest of their life. Damages extend to significant stress on family members, loss of consortium, just to name a few of the effects on others. To the injured person, extreme suffering in the form of pain and inability to engage in enjoyment activities ensues. The suffering and pain can and often does last a lifetime.

Common Types of Serious Catastrophic Injury?

Many different situations lead to catastrophic injury. In many of those instances, there is a negligent party whose careless acts lead to the scenario causing the serious injuries.

Most Common Types For Catastrophic Injury Include:

  • Traumatic brain injury as the result of hard blow to the head. Can occur in automobile accidents, pedestrian collisions and slip and falls, just to name a few.
  • Limb amputation caused by being run over by a bus or heavy truck while riding a bicycle, jogging or walking the streets. Limbs such as legs, hands, feet or arms may be lost. Possibly from a dangerous premises condition like a faulty chair can lead to finger amputation.
  • Multi-part bone fracture induced from massive physical trauma when involved in a automobile collision, slip and fall or pedestrian versus auto incident.
  • Severe burns due to exposure to fire or hot objects, usually from a defective airbag, negligently caused fire or car catching fire in a motor vehicle crash.
  • Neurological spine disorders when significant whiplash to the neck or wrenching of the low back causes a cervical or lumbar disc to herniate or protrude into the spinal chord or sciatic nerve.
  • Eye damages and other internal soft tissue wounds arising out of catastrophic collisions such as when a train crashes in the greater Los Angeles area.

Money Compensation for Serious Injuries Damages

Money can never stand in for a life of detriment. Nevertheless, where an accident is the result of a careless or intentional act of a person or company, or due to a dangerous defective product, the negligent party can be held liable for damages. The addition of money through personal injury lawsuit can help increase the victims quality of life by paying for needed medical care, in home help and to compensate for complete loss of earning capacity. Again, money can never make things right, but it can set things into motion that otherwise would not be possible, especially where the damages are extremely large and there is money to be paid by an insurance company who insured the tortfeasor.

Hire An Experienced Tort Lawsuit Attorney For Catastrophic Injury

Legal Help For Compensating Serious Injuries

Legal Help For Compensating Serious Injuries

Lost wages, lost future earning capacity, pain and suffering and payment of medical expenses may be available if you or a loved one have experienced a major accident leading to extreme harm. Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is experienced in the litigation of catastrophic injury including amputation, traumatic brain injury and dental malpractice leading to life altering consequences. The top litigation firm offers free consultations. We can help you immediately determine your rights and develop a plan of action to win your case. Delay can only create issues with proving liability and loss of ability to fight the insurance carrier correctly. Therefore, call now for trial lawyer help!


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