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Workers Compensation Injury

Workers Compensation Law

Workers Compensation Law

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Many but not all employers are very focused on maintaining a safe work environment for their employees. When one of their employees does get injured on the job, many but not all employers also want the injured employee to receives medical care and time off from work to heal from their injury.  I often give consultations to injured employees who want to learn their rights but do not want to retain a Workers Compensation Injury lawyer because they believe hiring an attorney will damage their relationship with their employer. These prospective clients often have good relationships with their employer and believe they will be treated fairly throughout the Workers Compensation process by their employer.

More often than not, these prospective clients call me up a few months later wanting to retain my services and complaining that they have had their benefits cut off and have been sent back to work by the Workers Compensation Injury doctor. Once I get involved, I usually discover that the injured worker's employer in fact feels that their employee should still be off of work and receiving medical treatment for the employee's Workers Compensation Injury. As you read this, you are probably be asking yourself how this is possible. How could the employee be told to come back to work and have their treatment cut short even though the employer is on the employee's side and does not want the employee back at work yet? The answer is simple, and most injured workers in this situation do not understand the dynamics of Workers Compensation until I explain the following:

The Workers Compensation insurance company and the employer are NOT the same entity. The employer pays premiums and in return receives Workers Compensation insurance coverage. The insurance company makes money from collecting premiums and paying out less benefits than they collect in premiums. Basically, the insurance company has an incentive to pay out as little money in benefits to the injured worker as possible. This incentivises the insurance company to send an injured employee back to work before the employee is fully healed and before the injured worker receives all the benefits to which the injured worker is entitled.

Remember, under mosWorkers Compensation Injuryt policies, the Workers Compensation insurance company calls ALL the shots when it comes to administering the insurance policy, not the employer. If you have a Workers Compensation Injury, you should always consider hiring a Workers Compensation Injury lawyer immediately even if you believe your employment relationship would be better served by not having an attorney. This is especially true for a severe Workers Compensation Injury. The fact of the matter is, if you have a good relationship with your employer, having an attorney should not change that relationship. If it does, then you know your relationship with your employer was not all that great to begin with. Just make sure you hire a Workers Compensation Injury lawyer who has the tact and personality to keep the peace between you and your employer while fighting for your rights.

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Workers Compensation Injury

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