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Taking Selfies while Driving Increases Probability of Auto Crashes

Taking Selfies while Driving Increases Probability of Auto Crashes

Taking Selfies while Driving Increases Probability of Auto Crashes

97% of the US population use social media. That is 247 million American social media users in 2019. While this helped bring our world closer, we face a new problem of distraction especially while driving. According to surveys, 7 in 10 drivers admit to using their smartphones while driving. Distracted driving is one of the main cause of traffic collisions and car accidents. Taking selfies while driving is extremely dangerous but is practiced by many young drivers in America.

Statistics of Drivers Using Smartphones while Driving

There is an unfortunate large number of people who use their smartphones while they are behind the wheel. This varies from calling and texting to taking videos and selfies while driving. 17% of drivers admitted to using Facebook while operating a vehicle, 14%  admitted to using twitter, 14% used Instagram and 11% used Snapchat. In a AT&T survey of 2,067 Americans, they found that 27% admitted that taking a video or a selfie while driving can be done safely. 30% of those who posted to social media platforms admitted they post selfies all the time. In addition, texting and driving is so common that the Department of transportation declared it a national epidemic. 75% of teenagers text and drive.

How Social Media Impacts Taking Selfies while Driving

Distraction is the number one cause of fatal auto accidents. Distracted driving led to more than 3,150 deaths and more than 420,000 injuries. Operating a vehicle requires your full attention. That means eyes on the road, both hands on the wheel and mind focused and aware of the surroundings. Taking a selfie alone is dangerous enough because it takes mind, eyes and one hand off the wheel. An extra layer of danger is posting selfies online while driving. The recent hashtags influenced many social media users to take selfies while driving. These include #drivingselfie, #drivingselfies #drivingtowork and insanely enough #IhopeIdontcrash.

It is no surprise that social media impacts the younger generation a lot more. Many of drivers who took selfies while driving were younger in age, mostly teenagers. With the social media hypes, we see many selfies of young drivers in cars, boats and even motorcycles.


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