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Navigating California Workers Compensation Law

How to Navigate Through California's Workers Compensation Law

California workers compensation law is intricate and rigid. In order to collect benefits and to maximize them, steps must be taken and they must be taken at the correct time. A California workers compensation law attorney can help you navigate the complicated laws to help get you through the system with the best chances of success. Even when perfectly implemented for the benefit of the injured worker, things can and do go wrong. Legitimate injuries go without proper care or without the ratings (money) that they should get. When issues like this do arise, having an experienced California work injury lawyer on your side to litigate in court can turn the table in your favor.

What To Do If You Have Experienced A Job Related Injury

Navigating Workers Compensation Law

Navigating Workers Compensation Law

First off, if you experience an injury that requires emergency medical attention, have your employer call 911. If you cannot reach anyone because you are alone or out in the field, call 911 or have a c0-worker call 911 to get immediate help. In the event it is not an emergency situation, inform your employer of the accident and demand medical attention for the injury.

The employer is then required to provide a claim form to you and send you to see a doctor that they must pay for. If you are given the run around, it is time to call a lawyer. If you are sent to the clinic, make sure that they document all of your injuries, pains and complaints, as well as how the accident happened. Following your visit, you will probably be released back to work. If you feel that you cannot continue with work under your current condition, call a lawyer as soon as possible for guidance on what to do.

In any event, it is always wise to consult with a knowledgeable litigator in the field of California workers' comp. Formal representation early on int he case can change a lot of things regarding the value of the claim and what can be done to protect important rights. Many come to a lawyer just prior to reporting a cumulative trauma type of injury to consult on the best course of action and obtain needed representation. If you are experiencing pain from repeated job activity and have not yet told your employer about it, call us today for immediate help from a lawyer who knows the comp field well.

What Benefits Are Available Under California Workers Compensation Law

Many ask what they are entitled to under the law, so it's best to mention something about it here. Every case is different and how the process is navigated from day one can drastically affect which benefits and the amount received by the injured employee. Even upon first consultation with a lawyer you will not be told what and how much you are entitled to under the law. This is because litigation is never certain and outcomes can very widely depending on how bad the injury is, which doctors are assigned to the case and what legal obstacles the employee faces. All of these factors are unique to each case. Therefore, if a lawyer tells you right up front what and how much you deserve, know that such statements are opinions and projections, not facts. Nevertheless, an attorney is likely to know much more than you do about the system and can set out realistic goals to attain in the process.

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