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LAPD Motorcycle Officer Seriously Injured on 60 Freeway Commute

Los Angeles Police Department Motorcycle Officer Seriously Wounded On Commute to Headquarters

LAPD Motorcycle Officer Seriously Injured on 60 Freeway Commute

LAPD Motorcycle Officer Seriously Injured on 60 Freeway Commute

LAPD Motorcycle Officer Seriously Injured on 60 Freeway Commute – A motorcycle police officer with the LAPD was struck by a vehicle and suffered serious personal injuries yesterday. The rider was driving to police headquarters to start his work shift when a large SUV crashed into his motorcycle.

Just after 11:00 a.m. the motorcycle vs car accident crashed on the 60 Fwy in Ontario headed west, in the  HOV lane. The biker was riding in the carpool lane near the Mountain Avenue off ramp. As the westbound traffic began to slow down, a vehicle merged into his lane and cut him off, causing the motorcycle versus vehicle accident. The crash sent the off duty officer down to the ground, and he was taken by the ambulance helicopter to the hospital where he is expected to survive his car accident injuries.

The driver of the car at fault was also transported to the hospital by ambulance for treatment of injuries as well. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the freeway crash. The motorcycle officer was riding his police issued motorcycle when he crashed.

No matter how experienced a motorcyclist is on the road, they risk getting crashed into by a vehicle at a higher rate than if they were driving in a car.  Motorists do not see motorcycles on the roadways as easily as they see a car.  When a motorcyclist is in a car accident, the chance of suffering a fatality or serious personal injuries is extremely high.  Being unprotected by having a car surrounding your body, being vulnerable to being thrown off a motorcycle, increases the risk of suffering life threatening injury.

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