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Automobile Accident Attorney Discusses EV Summit and Biden’s Decision to Exclude Tesla

Biden Excludes Tesla From EV Summit 2022, Presumably As A Non-Union Shop.

The President presumably does not find non-union auto manufacturing in the USA acceptable for attention. At the very least, the President might believe that Tesla can survive without any help from the US Government. Apparently Elon's business acumen is acceptable when making rockets but not when making cars? I've represented a lot of injured workers in California. Unions are important and should be at the table. And Tesla is our auto manufacturer at the forefront and should participate in the EV Summit 2022.

Tesla Defect Accident Injury Lawyer

Alexander Napolin is an automobile accident lawyer in California. He represents injury victims of negligent drivers. Sometimes motor vehicle collisions happen due to defects in the automobile manufacturing process. Sometimes the automobile maker creates a product that is unreasonable dangerous, such as when a self-driving automobile gets into a collision, injuring driver and passengers in all automobiles involves. If you have sustained an injury from a Tesla, whether through the fault of the driver or through a defect in the manufacture, then call a lawyer like Alexander Napolin.

Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.