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Orange County Accident Victim Claims Dennis Rodman Hit and Ran

Man Claims that Dennis Rodman Hit Him on the 5 Freeway and Took Off

Orange County Accident Victim Claims Dennis Rodman Hit and Ran

Orange County Accident Victim Claims Dennis Rodman Hit and Ran

Orange County Accident Victim Claims Dennis Rodman Hit and Ran – A victim in a hit and run car accident on the 5 freeway in the city of Santa Ana told California Highway Patrol responders at the scene of the accident that Dennis Rodman was the driver of the car at fault. Traffic accident investigators have been asking the basketball legends representatives to bring him in for questioning so that they can ask him if he was the car at fault who fled the scene, in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 20002(a).

The victim was the driver of a sedan who was crashed into as he drove south on the Santa Ana Fwy approaching the exit at Broadway. There were no other cars involved in the collision. The accident happened between midnight at 1:00 a.m., Wednesday. The victim immediately told CHP Officers that he recognized the driver of the car that hit him as Rodman.

Witnesses have given statements to the traffic investigators, saying that the ball player was at a bar, singing karaoke, just moments before the accident.  Also, evidence suggests that Rodman lives just a mile from the scene of the hit & run accident.

The motorist who was crashed into was not seriously hurt from the collision. Details of the crash have not yet been disclosed. Police are waiting to interview the subject of the investigation, and have labeled Rodman as a person of interest, not a suspect. Once they question the man, that designation most likely will be upgraded to “suspect”, depending on their results of the investigation.

Rodman has representatives, who say that the controversial former basketball star will cooperate, once they locate him, and he will let the police inspect his car for property damage sustained as a result of the accident. CHP Investigator R. Olivera said that based on the statement of the driver of the BMW  that it was Rodman who hit him,  “we have to investigate.” The victim of the hit-and-run car accident stated that Rodman was the driver of the vehicle that fled.

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