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SUV Rear Ends Big Rig Results in Ontario Passenger Death

Passenger of SUV Dies After Rear Ending Big Rig Truck in Ontario California

SUV Rear Ends Big Rig Results in Ontario Passenger Death

SUV Rear Ends Big Rig Results in Ontario Passenger Death

SUV Rear Ends Big Rig Results in Ontario Passenger Death – An SUV rear ended a big rig truck in Ontario on Tuesday night, August 2, 2016, resulting in the death of the passenger in the SUV. The fatal car crash involving a tractor trailer is still being investigated by Ontario Police Department traffic investigators.

The tragic collision happened at 9:05 p.m. An older model Mercedes Benz was driving eastbound on Jurupa Street in Ontario, just before a street called Sarah Place when it smashed into the rear of the trailer, killing the elderly woman, 84 years old, according to the Coroner in San Bernardino County.

The Ontario PD has not disclosed the name of the victim, who was declared dead at the scene of the fatal truck accident. No other information, such as the identity of the victim, has been released by the car crash investigators.

OPD is asking anyone with information as to why the luxury SUV crashed into the rear end of the tractor trailer to come forward as a witness with their information. The car accident lawyers at the Napolin Law Firm in the Ontario, Inland Empire represent family members of people killed in a fatal car crash. The attorneys will fight the insurance company to obtain compensation for the family members.

Ontario CA Big Rig Truck Accident Law Firm

A Big rig truck accident is different from a car accident involving regular passenger vehicles. When a crash involves a commercially owned tractor trailer, the company has a commercial insurance policy. The policy limits are higher than a regular vehicle insurance policy, affording more coverage. The trucking company has “in house lawyers” who will rush to the scene of the accident, starting their defense investigation immediately at the scene of the accident. If you have been involved in a big rig collision, you should call The Napolin Law Firm from the scene, and the Law Firm will send their traffic accident investigator to the scene to help you start investigating right there. Call the Inland Empire car accident lawyers at (909)326-6032. Free Case Evaluations Are Available.

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