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Pedestrians Killed After Car Breaks Down on 210 Freeway

Glendora and Chino Hills Residents Die in Pedestrian Collision While Walking 210 Freeway Carpool Lane

Pedestrians Killed After Car Breaks Down on 210 Freeway

Pedestrians Killed After Car Breaks Down on 210 Freeway

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (JUNE 19, 2016) – Pedestrians Killed After Car Breaks Down on 210 Freeway – Early Sunday morning, after 3 a.m., a fatality accident resulted in the death of two people who were walking in the carpool lane on the 210 freeway. The accident investigation is still under way, but the California Highway Patrol said that the traffic accident resulted in fatal injuries sustained.

It appears, based on preliminary traffic accident report information, that John Bland and Erin Donnelly, from Glendora and Chino Hills respectively, were driving east on the freeway in Upland near the Baseline Avenue off ramp, when their car broke down. They parked their disabled car to the left of the carpool lane and walked into the HOV lane, when a motorist collided with them.  The collision caused them to be killed instantly. The San Bernardino County Coroner representative confirmed the facts of the accident.

The traffic accident was initially reported to 911 by a caller, not yet identified, just after the collision happened. The victims of the pedestrian vs. automobile accident who were killed by the impact were 24 and 25 years old. The lane where they stopped abuts the center divider and is referred to as the emergency lane.

Rancho Cucamonga CA fire personnel were at the scene of the fatal pedestrian traffic accident, and the paramedics pronounced them deceased.

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