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OC Warrant Issued to Woman In Hit and Run Accident

OC Superior Court Judge Issued Warrant to Woman Who Hit And Ran Who Failed to Appear In Court

OC Warrant Issued to Woman In Hit and Run Accident

OC Warrant Issued to Woman In Hit and Run Accident

ORANGE COUNTY, CA (JUNE 25, 2016) – OC Warrant Issued to Woman In Hit and Run Accident – The Hit and Run driver who crashed into Rosendo Perez on February 25 failed to show up in Santa Ana Superior Court yesterday, resulting in a warrant for her arrest. She was the driver at fault in the fatal car crash on Cerritos Avenue in Anaheim, California which caused the death of the Stanton pedestrian crossing the street. After being declared at fault in the accident, the woman, Abbigail Landaas, fled the scene of the accident. She left her car on the street where the accident happened and ran away.

The vehicle which struck and killed the pedestrian was a white Hyundai. The car sustained property damage on the hood and windshield, which was caused by the hit-and-run collision. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department traffic investigators used social media to reach out to the public for help in finding the driver of the car at fault. Neighbors of the victim, who was killed near his apartment, heard the crash and ran outside. The police tweeted photos of the damaged car and asked for any witnesses to come forward.

The 27 year old Orange County woman, from Trabuco Canyon, was later arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter, and later posted a $50,000 bail. Yesterday, she failed to show up in court and was declared a fugitive. Her bail was revoked.

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