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Anaheim Dental Group Infects Children During Routine Pulpotomies

Some Infections Caused By the Children's Dental Group's Pulpotomies Resulted in Partial Jawbone Removal and Tooth Loss

Anaheim Dental Group Infects Children During Routine Pulpotomies

Anaheim Dental Group Infects Children During Routine Pulpotomies

Anaheim Dental Group Infects Children During Routine Pulpotomies – Children's Dental Group, a dental clinic at 2156 E. Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim, California, is under investigation for infecting 22 children with pediatric dental infections since April, 2016. 500 children had baby teeth root canals, called pulpotomies, last spring and summer. The CEO of the company that owns Children's Dental Group in Anaheim has posted a bulletin on their website, childrensdentalgroup.com. The children's dentist office is offering free inspections to see if your child has been infected.

The dentist office for children posted a bulletin, stating that if your child was treated there between April1, 2016 – July 28, 2016, you should watch for symptoms in your child which include irritation, swelling, or pain around the mouth and neck area. The cause of the infection has been investigated by the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), and they determined that the water used in the Anaheim dental clinic was full of bacteria. The water system has been shut down after these children tested positive for mycobacterial infection.

Children's Hospital of Orange County, CHOC, has treated the victims of the dental clinic infections, including Mimi Morales, 7 years old, who had surgery to remove three permanent teeth and part of her jaw, which was also infected. Surgeons at CHOC removed part of her jawbone without disfiguring the child. Mimi will need months of powerful antibiotics to keep the infection from spreading.

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