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Shooting Victims File Negligence Lawsuits Against San Bernardino

Victims in San Bernardino Shooting File Lawsuits Against the County for Negligence

SAN BERNARDINO, CA (JUNE 2, 2016) – Shooting Victims File Negligence Lawsuits Against San Bernardino –  More family members and shooting victims filed claims against San Bernardino County stemming from the mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center. Victims must file claims against a County or City within 6 months, and the deadline expires today. If the agency decides to deny or reject the claim, the victim must file a suit in Superior Court within the next 6 months. Thus far, the County of San Bernardino has rejected all previously filed claims.

Shooting Victims File Negligence Lawsuits Against San Bernardino

Shooting Victims File Negligence Lawsuits Against San Bernardino

More than $10 million are demanded by the most recent claims. One claimant is the uncle who raised his nephew Daniel Kaufman, whom he lost in the shooting, and he is asking for over $5 million. Severe mental, physical and emotional damage was suffered by victim Kevin Ortiz, who asked for money damages because he was injured by the negligence of the defendant County of San Bernardino.  The defendant replied with an official comment that it will respond in consideration of what is best for all the parties. Ortiz is a gunshot victim.

The plaintiffs must prove that the County “knew or should have known” that the shooter, who worked for them, created a “reasonably foreseeable” risk of harm to innocent third persons. A Superior Court Judge in Court will have to decide if a Jury should consider at a trial whether the County was negligent, and whether the plaintiffs have proved their case for negligence.  Claimants allege that the County was negligent because they failed to properly screen the shooter and provided an unsafe workplace, thereby creating the danger, and that they should he held responsible.

Some workers at the Regional Center made Workers’ Compensation claims, and those claims have already been paid to the employees. Now the insurance company is seeking damages in the millions against the County for reimbursement.

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The employees and victims hired lawyers to pursue their claims against the Government agency. Do you believe that you have been harmed by the negligence or wrongful act or a government agencies failure to act? You can speak to an experienced personal injury attorney at The Napolin Law Firm free of charge. Our professional attorneys are passionate about protecting injury victim rights and offer free case evaluations to the local residents in the Inland Empire and San Bernardino County. Money damages may be available as compensation for pain and suffering, lost earnings and medical bills. However, delays in pursuing your rights could lead to a smaller recovery or no recovery at all. Therefore, call immediately to determine your legal rights and how they should be pursued to obtain justice.

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