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Admitted Workers Compensation Injury Claim Help

Admitted Workers Compensation Injury Claim Help

Admitted Workers Compensation Injury Claim Help

Injury Claim Help with a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

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Just because the insurance adjuster admits the workers compensation claim does not mean the employee will ultimately receive the whole package of benefits. The insurance company often will exercise its knowledge and resources within the workman's comp system to manipulate the claims process to the detriment of the employee in the name of keeping costs down. Under the current system, which is the result of two major employer friendly reforms in the past decade, the process is more geared than ever to allow the employer and insurance carrier to exercise a significant amount of control of the entire claim process. While this does not always mean less benefits for the injured worker, the insurance company generally exercises its power in an inhumane way in pursuit of cost savings and profit boosting. In such instances, the worker has the right to appeal to the local office of the Workers Compensation Board (WCAB) to exercise certain rights and put a level of oversight by a judge on their claim. The ability to hire a lawyer and bring the claim to a court of law is an extremely important right that can be exercised to ensure proper administration of a claim and generally leads to a better result.

Free Legal Consult – Directly With An Experienced Legal Professional

Here at, Mr. Napolin is ready, willing and able to evaluate your unique injury claim situation to help you determine if you are getting a fair shake – as part of a completely free legal consultation. You have the option of either calling him at 909-325-6032 or submitting a request for a call at Once you get on the phone with an experienced lawyer, you will have a good idea about the risks you take by not having a legal professional help you.

We understand the difficulty many face while recovering from a work-related accident injury. Our philosophy centers on great communication to relieve the stress clients feel while going through the system and the implementation of intelligent litigation tactics in order to maximize benefits. While many firms possess the latter, it is rare that any firm you talk with have both. Call us and see for yourself during your preliminary meeting with us that you will be in good hands at our office!

Issues That Pertain To Admitted Workers Comp

The following are a number of issues that generally are contentious with regards to admitted work comp injury claims:

  • Doctor Selection

    Workers Compensation Injury Claim

    Workers Compensation Injury Claim

  • Temporary Disability Benefits
  • Work Restrictions
  • Date of Permanent Disability
  • Percent of Permanent Disability
  • Entitlement to Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Lump Sum Payment Option
  • Second Opinion Doctor Selection
  • Nature and Extent of Injury
  • Medical Treatment Approval
  • Body Parts and Conditions Involved
  • Psychiatric Disorder
  • Sleep Loss Evaluation And Treatment
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression Evaluation And Treatment
  • Specialty Medical Treatment

We will help you with any and all of these issues! And we will do it with no costs or fees up front! Do not hesitate to exercise your rights by hiring us! Your delay could leave you without any rights at all! Legal rights have time limits and once they expire you can lose your rights forever or experience significant prejudice! Do not waste another day! Call us right away! – 909-325-6032!