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Recovery For Sleep Disorder Sexual Dysfunction Psychiatric Disorder

Sleep Disorder, Sexual Dysfunction, Psychiatric Disorder

California Workers Compensation

California Workers Compensation

For physical work related injuries in California occurring in 2013 and beyond, Senate Bill 863 bars an injured workers claim for recovery of money compensation for sleep disorder, sexual dysfunction and other psychiatric disorders. There are two exceptions to the rule, but the mechanism of injury to meet those exceptions is very rare. Now only medical treatment is provided under workers compensation law in California for those workers who suffer a physical injury that results sleep disorder, sexual dysfunction or other psychiatric disorder.

Insurance companies have always fought claims that add on the above-mentioned psychiatric conditions. Those familiar with the California workers compensation system know that insurance companies have always universally denied treatments for these conditions and make the injured worker fight tooth and nail to get compensation for them. With the new law in place, the first sentence out of the insurance adjusters mouth when an injured worker asserts a claim for psychiatric disorders is that the new law does not allow for add on psychiatric, sleep and sexual disorders relating to a physical injury. But not so fast Mr. insurance adjuster. The law still allows for treatment for those conditions! Despite what the insurance company may be telling you, you are still entitled to assert them and seek treatment for them.

Insurance companies lobbied the State of California to ban compensation for psychiatric, sleep and sexual disorder from a physical injury for a few reasons. First, these add on disorders have been highly abused by those making claims, particularly by attorneys throwing them on to all claims as a matter of course. Many workers compensation lawyers add them on to every claim that they file. Second, these add on disorders do not carry much money compensation when they are successfully asserted but they still cost the insurance companies a lot of money to treat and fight. To fight against these claims, the insurance companies simply moved for a change in the law, and got it.

California Workers Compensation Lawyer

California Workers Compensation Lawyer

But the insurance companies did not get everything they wanted. The insurance companies do not want you to know that if you are an injured worker experiencing sleep loss, depression or anxiety as a result of your physical injury, you are still entitled to medical treatment to cure or relieve those conditions. Often, a person suffering from a physical injury that results in a significant amount of pain will lose sleep. For those who have lost their livelihood due to a serious injury will fall into depression and experience significant anxiety about the future. These are real and significant problems injured workers face due to physical on the job injuries.

If you have suffered from a physical injury on the job and are experiencing sleep loss, anxiety or depression, you will need to hire a workers compensation lawyer to help you treat those conditions. The insurance company will deny treatment for them universally, that is almost guaranteed. Make sure you seek counsel from a workers compensation lawyer immediately if you want to assert and get treated for any of these disorders.

Get Help For California Workers Compensation Recovery For Sleep Disorder Sexual Dysfunction Psychiatric Disorder

Here at Napolin Law Firm, attorney Alexander Napolin will fight for your right to treatment and evaluation for psychiatric conditions resulting from physical injury. Do not let the insurance company tell you that you are no longer entitled to benefits for these conditions under the new law! It is not true! At Napolin Law Firm, you will meet directly with me the attorney for your free consultation to discuss your legal situation.

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