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CHOC Hospital Treats 57 Infected Children From Anaheim Pulpotomies

Routine Pulpotomy Procedures By Anaheim California Dental Group Send 57 Children To CHOC, INFECT AS MANY AS 800

CHOC Hospital Treats 57 Infected Children From Anaheim Pulpotomies

CHOC Hospital Treats 57 Infected Children From Anaheim Pulpotomies

CHOC Hospital Treats 57 Infected Children From Anaheim Pulpotomies – The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to give $150,000 to the Children’s Hospital (CHOC) to treat the 57 children infected by the water at Children’s Dental Group earlier this year. After the kids underwent pulpotomies, a baby root canal, they presented with problems showing signs of a serious and life threatening infection in the mouth, gums and jaw.

The Napolin Law Firm in Orange County, California.  Alexander Napolin, a children’s Orange County personal injury attorney, has spoken to several of the parents of the infected patients.

The dental clinic had a mycobacteria in its water system used during the dental procedure, and Orange County Department of Health officials quickly came in and shut down the system. The CEO of the Children’s Dental Group on Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim sent letters to the parents of the children, asking them to seek testing to determine if their child was infected.  So far, 57 children have turned up positive for the serious mycobacterial infection.

A very strong and rarely used drug which is used to treat leprosy has been approved for treatment of these infected children.  The drug is called clofazimine, and it is very difficult to obtain.  The staff at CHOC will need to seek approval through a burdensome process before they can administer the drug to the infect children.

The children who became infected are ages 3 to 9 and underwent pulpotomies between March 1 and Aug. 5, 2016. More than 800 children have been contacted to seek testing or treatment.

Anaheim Dental Pulpotomy Infection Injury Attorney Help

Many of the victims have had teeth removed. Some of the families are seeking legal representation “The children who are infected by the Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim are in for a long process of observation, testing, surgery, medication and treatment.  This is a life changing injury and we are investigating their legal options.”  It is expected that the families will file claims and lawsuits to obtain personal injury damages compensating them for their injuries. Mr. Napolin is in Orange County and The Inland Empire at (714)451-2006.

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