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Rollover Crash on 55 Freeway Leaves 2 Hospitalized

Rollover Crash on 55 Freeway Leaves 2 Hospitalized

Rollover Crash on 55 Freeway Leaves 2 Hospitalized

Two Hospitalized for Injuries Sustained from Orange County 55 Freeway Accident Rollover Crash

COSTA MESA, CA (May 16, 2016) – Rollover Crash on 55 Freeway Leaves 2 Hospitalized in Orange County – A rollover crash on the 55 freeway in Costa Mesa caused multiple injuries and left debris strewn across multiple lanes late Monday evening.

According to reports, the car accident took place around 11:30 pm Monday night, just north of Fair Drive. Four cars in total were involved in the collision, which left emergency crews cleaning up debris that covered the southbound freeway. When the Costa Mesa Fire Department arrived on the scene, they had to force open a door on the flipped vehicle in order to free a woman who was trapped inside the wreckage.

The trapped woman and a man who was also in the flipped vehicle were transported to nearby Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana with moderate injuries. According to authorities, 2 other people were injured in the crash but both declined to be treated at the hospital. While none of the injuries in Monday night’s crash appeared to be life threatening, accident victims should remember to never refuse medical attention after a collision as injuries can present themselves or become more severe in the hours that follow.

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