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1 Person Injured in Buena Park Fire Truck Accident

Hard Impact Collision with Orange County Fire Truck Causes Injury to Female Driving SUV

1 Person Injured in Buena Park Fire Truck Accident

1 Person Injured in Buena Park Fire Truck Accident

BUENA PARK, CA (May 16, 2016) – 1 Person Injured in Buena Park Fire Truck Accident – Local police are investigating a collision between an Orange County Fire Authority ladder truck and one other vehicle that took place in Buena Park on Monday night.

According to authorities, the crash between the fire truck and SUV took place around 6:55 pm near the intersection of Western Avenue and Fillmore Drive in the Orange County city of Buena Park. The fire truck was rushing to a structure fire with its lights flashing and sirens on at the time of the accident.

The female Cadillac Escalade driver sustained moderate injuries and was taken to UCI Medical Center to be treated. All 4 firefighters who were on the truck at the time were uninjured in the crash. Tow services were needed at the scene for both the SUV and the fire truck, as the truck was so badly damaged that it wasn’t driveable. The collision is still under investigation by Buena Park Police at this time and no further information on the injured driver or her condition are currently available.

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