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Northern California Wildfire Injury Fast Facts

Review Northern California Wildfire Injury Fast Facts Help Understand Catastrophe

Learn about the current state of the Camp Fire. Review historical facts and findings about the Paradise Butte County Camp Fire. Up to date Cal Fire Camp Fire Incident Information can be found here. Stats updated as of November 18, 2018 7:04 pm are as follows:

  • Location: Butte County
  • 150,000 acres burned
  • 65 percent contained
  • 76 fatalities confirmed
  • 1,276 unaccounted for
  • 12,794 structures destroyed

Interactive map offers up to date understanding of the current burn. There is an online interactive evacuation map for viewing. Click to see the MAP. The MAP warns users that it is not to be used to plan an evacuation. The information used to populate the map is updated as soon as possible. Updates to the map are not in real time.

Current Casualty Report (Nov 18): The death toll has increased to seventy-six of which 63 are provisionally identified pending DNA testing. The missing list increased to 1,276, up 265 since Friday. This is very concerning to have the missing number increase rather than decrease. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea pleaded with the public on Saturday to consult the list and help authorities identify those found. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 530-538-7471.

Camp Fire Causation Northern California Wildfire Injury Fast Facts

Climate Change: According to local meteorologist Rob Elvington, the Camp Fire began under atmospheric conditions with “no analog/comparison” in history for the date. Northern California’s vegetation dryness was off the charts — exceeding the 99th percentile for any single day as far back as local records go. “Worse than no rain is negative rain,” wrote Elvington. The air was so dry, it was sucking water out of the land.

Northern California Wildfire Injury Fast Facts

Northern California Wildfire Injury Fast Facts

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) reports second power line problem before Camp Fire. Paradise residents file lawsuits. In Friday’s second incident report, PG&E wrote, “Cal Fire has collected PG&E equipment on that circuit. Cal Fire has secured a location near PG&E facilities on that circuit. PG&E is cooperating with Cal Fire.” In a federal Securities and Exchange Commission filing last week, PG&E acknowledged potential financial risks. “While the cause of the Camp Fire is still under investigation, if the Utility’s equipment is determined to be the cause, the Utility could be subject to significant liability in excess of insurance coverage that would be expected to have a material impact on PG&E Corporation’s and the Utility’s financial condition, results of operations, liquidity, and cash flows,” the filing read.

Experienced Lawyers Helping the Camp Fire Victims

Our law firm protects the those hurt in the Northern California Camp Fire. Those who have suffered due to the fires may be entitled to recover money compensation for:

  • Wrongful death
  • Bodily harm
  • Damage/loss to home and/or adjacent structure
  • Damage/loss of personal property
  • Damage/loss of a business structure
  • Damage/loss of agricultural property and products
  • Damage/loss of business or agricultural income
  • Damage/loss of trees or surrounding vegetation

If you own a home or a business and have lost property or have experienced other damages due to the fires,  Napolin Law APC is here to discuss your rights and legal claims for recovery. Our firm provides its consultations at no cost and should you elect to retain Paradise Camp Fire Lawyers to represent you, we would do so under a contingent fee arrangement, meaning you would not pay any attorney’s fees, court costs, or litigation expenses out of pocket.  Instead, our fees and costs would be recovered only as a portion of any favorable settlement or judgment on your behalf.

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