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Paradise Resident Evacuated Wildfire Victims Kept Vigil Sunday Night

Paradise Resident Evacuated Wildfire Victims Kept Vigil Sunday Night to remember, grieve and pray.

Paradise residents kept vigil Sunday night to honor those killed by the fire that overtook the town (timeline of events here). First Christian Church in Chico at 295 E Washington Avenue. hosted the vigil where residents quietly reflected, prayed, and remembered and grieved for lost friends, family and pets. The gathering also provided access to talk with counselors and mental health professionals.

The vigil was announced on November 16 by paradiserecovers.org to be hosted by First Christian Church of Chico and observed by drop-in hours between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 PM. A short candlelight vigil took place the first 10 minutes of each hour at 4, 5 and 6 PM, Sunday evening.

We’re rebuilding together because we are Paradise and we are Paradise Strong.

Sticking together and rebuilding the town of Paradise, a strongly expressed at the town council meeting 5 days earlier on Tuesday, November 13th, was also expressed at the vigil. A sign at the vigil read: "We will rise from the ashes" followed by the hashtags: #buttecountystorng #paradisestrong

Earlier in the week, residents had spoken at the town council meeting, expressing their love for Paradise. One resident, in response to the question, "Do you still love Paradise", replied, “Of course. Paradise is not several thousand acres of charcoal. It’s about people. We have a certain spirit. I don’t think tonight is a good night for gripes. Maybe some of the buildings and roads you didn’t like. But the community is made up of people, not specific things.” Paradise Resident Evacuated Wildfire Victims Kept Vigil Sunday Night.

Rebuilding Homes and Businesses After California's Historic Wildfire Catastrophe

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  • Wrongful death
  • Bodily injury
  • Loss of a home and/or adjacent structure
  • Loss of personal property
  • Loss of a business structure
  • Loss of agricultural property & products
  • Loss of business or agricultural income
  • Loss of trees or surrounding vegetation/agriculture

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