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Driver Arrested After Crashing into Moreno Valley Home

Police Make Arrest of Driver Who Crashed into Moreno Valley Home and Fled Accident Scene

Driver Arrested After Crashing into Moreno Valley Home

Driver Arrested After Crashing into Moreno Valley Home

MORENO VALLEY, CA (May 11, 2016) – A driver was arrested Wednesday night by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office after crashing into a home in Moreno Valley and trying to flee from the scene. While details as to how the driver’s car ended up inside of the home located at the 22800 block of Pahute Drive are still unclear, police released information that the collision took place late Wednesday evening at around 10:45 pm.

The Riverside County Sheriff Department has video of the car accident scene showing a white car all the way inside of one of the rooms in the home, surrounded by broken furniture, drywall and lamps. The driver initially fled the scene hoping to avoid arrest but was apprehended and held in police custody shortly after the crash took place.

Initial reports indicate that neither the driver nor anyone else located inside the home suffered any major injuries. It was also unclear at the scene of the accident as to what exactly caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. However, distracted driving is one of the leading causes for motor vehicle accidents in Southern California. Luckily, for Riverside County residents who have been injured in an accident due to a another party’s negligent driving behavior, California tort personal injury codes and cases exist to protect injured people’s rights.

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