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Multiple Vehicle Crash in Santa Ana Shuts Down Memorial Day Traffic

Santa Ana 91 Freeway Car Accident Completely Shut Down Flow of Traffic on Memorial Day Causing Major Delays

Santa Ana Multiple Vehicle Crash Shut Down Memorial Day Traffic

Santa Ana Multiple Vehicle Crash Shut Down Memorial Day Traffic

SANTA ANA, CA (MAY 30, 2016) – Santa Ana Multiple Vehicle Crash Shut Down Memorial Day Traffic – Four vehicles were involved in a crash Monday afternoon in Santa Ana, bringing the Memorial Day traffic to a grinding halt. According to California Highway Patrol officers, the four car pileup took place at around 3:55 pm on westbound 91 near South Gypsum Canyon Road, just in time for the commute home after the long holiday weekend.

Apparently, 2 vehicles were involved in the initial crash that caused the pileup, a white Toyota and a grey sedan. The 2 vehicles collided and blocked both the fast and slow lanes heading westbound on 91. A second collision between a white sedan and a gold sedan soon followed, blocking the middle lane and the slow lane. Early accident reports also indicated that while one of the vehicles involved in the crash was moved to the center divider another was struck and pushed into the fast lane.

Tow services were needed at the scene to remove the wreckage from the roadway. Emergency services were also called to the car accident scene but luckily no major injuries or fatalities were reported. Even though no major injuries were reported in these collisions, it is important for car accident victims in Southern California to never deny medical treatment. This is due to the fact that in many cases, injuries don’t present themselves for hours and sometimes days after car accidents.

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