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Truck Rollover Collision Reported in San Dimas California

Toyota Pickup Truck Rolls Over After Colliding with Toyota Sedan in San Dimas CA

Truck Rollover Collision Reported in San Dimas California

Truck Rollover Collision Reported in San Dimas California

SAN DIMAS, CA (JUNE 9, 2016) – Truck Rollover Collision Reported in San Dimas California – A Toyota pick-up truck rolled over in an accident after it crashed into another car in San Dimas, California.  The roll-over accident occurred after 1 in the morning yesterday.  The truck accident resulted in injuries. Both occupants of the Tundra were hurt in the accident, and the female passenger was treated for her injuries at San Dimas Community Hospital.

The truck collided with a 2016 Toyota Camry. There was no information available about the injuries or the property damage of the other car in the accident. The auto accident happened on Walnut Avenue at Gladstone Street, according to an accident investigator with the San Dimas Station of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Bodily injuries included shoulder pain of the passenger and abrasions to the left hand of the driver. There is no further information about whether these were serious physical injuries or just minor injuries. There is no evidence about the cause of the crash or which car is at fault in the accident.

According to the traffic detective, the accident was reported to both the San Dimas station and also to the fire department.  The call for service reported that someone was trapped in the truck after it rolled over from the collision. When fire arrived on the accident scene, it was determined that there was no occupant trapped.

San Dimas CA Rollover Truck Accident Lawyers

A roadway accident is a major event and can often cause life changing injuries.  Sometimes those injuries do not show up until later, after the body has a chance to recover from the shock and adrenaline rush of the collision. Therefore, it is important to seek medical treatment after a car accident. If the paramedics are on the scene of the accident, and if they are recommending that you get transported to the hospital, you should heed their medical advice and get transported to the hospital by ambulance. Injuries caused by a roll-over accident can be serious in nature. Have your injuries treated by an emergency room doctor. The ER should take x-rays of your involved body parts and rule out fractures or broken bones.

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