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Motorcyclist Dies After Colliding With Box Truck In Oak Hills

Fatal Accident When Motorcycle Collides with Box Truck In Oak Hills California

Motorcyclist Dies After Colliding With Box Truck In Oak Hills

Motorcyclist Dies After Colliding With Box Truck In Oak Hills

OAK HILLS, CA (JUNE 23, 2016) – Motorcyclist Dies After Colliding With Box Truck In Oak Hills – An out of state motorcyclist died in a car accident yesterday on the 15 freeway southbound in the Cajon Pass.  The crash occurred around 5:40 a.m. A motorist called 911 after witnessing the gruesome scene of the motorcycle vs. car accident.

The morning commuter traffic was backed up for several miles after the traffic investigators from the California Highway Patrol declared a SigAlert along the southbound freeway. The fatal motorcycle collision near Oak Hills Road caused the Wednesday morning traffic jam as motorists drove down the hill to get to work.

The motorcycle rider was speeding when he rear ended a box type truck, driven by Dwayne Filmer, who was travelling 60 m.p.h. The bike was an older Suzuki motorcycle, and was driven by a rider from Illinois who was 33 years old. CHP traffic investigators pronounced him dead at the scene of the accident on the I-15 freeway. They are not yet releasing his name, until they notify his relatives. The truck driver involved in the fatal traffic accident was from Tustin. He was not hurt in the rear end collision.

The CHP highway traffic investigation is still underway, and they are asking that anyone who knows anything about the fatal rear end crash call them at (909)383-4247 with information.

Wrongful Death Oak Hills Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

A motorcycle accident results in death or serious bodily injury more often than not. When a motorcycle crashes into a car, the bike rider is the party who suffers personal injury damages, because there is no metal cage surrounding their body to protect them from injury. Although the mandatory helmet law in California protects a motorcyclist from head injuries, the rest of the body is vulnerable to suffer fatal injuries. The family members of the motorcyclist killed in the collision may have a right to sue for wrongful death of their family member killed in the collision. The Napolin Law Firm represents the family of the deceased rider and has been successful in winning money damages for the family of the victim. If you know someone who was killed in a car accident, call the wrongful death attorneys at (909)325.6032.

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