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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motor bike is among the most dangerous forms of transportation one can use on the public roadways, freeways and highways. Five and a half more motor bike crashes end up in fatality compared with autos and other autos. National statistics show that riders are 35 times more likely to be injured in traffic collisions than those driving automobiles, truck and vans. Regardless of the reasons for these alarming statistics, it is clear that this mode of transportation is dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm.

Motorcycles are more dangerous than other types of vehicles due to several factors, some of which are more obvious than others. Of the most obvious is the fact that they do not provide the same safety provisions that cars do to shield the victim from the impact of a collision. And beyond this obvious fact, there are several other factors that create the alarming disparity in safety when compared with autos. Anyone engaging in this mode of transportation should understand the risks associated with it. Knowing the risk helps to protect against becoming victim to serious injury or death from a car accident.

Dangers Associated With Motorcycle Crashes

California Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

California Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

Most people recognize the obvious risks stemming from the lack of safety features, but many riders do not necessarily listen and study the reasons why the dangers exist. Before making the conscious decision to endanger your health, consider the following factors that contribute to crashes.

Top Roadway Motor Bike Accident Hazards:

  • Lack of Padding Around the Victim - When a collision with an auto happens, the biker will likely fall to the pavement. Instead of being protected by a car frame and airbag and secured by a seat belt, they are likely to come directly into contact with the auto and the asphalt. This creates a significant increased likelihood of great bodily harm.
  • Lack of Visibility to Other Motorists - Motor bikes are much smaller than automobiles and move at a faster rate of speed. Therefore, it is harder for them to be seen on the roadways by drivers of cars, semi trucks and buses. This leaves a higher likelihood that a car will hit them during a lane change or other maneuver, thereby causing a life threatening collision.
  • Loss of Control Due to Instability of Only Two Wheels - Having only two wheels requires balance to stay upright. When balance is lost, the inevitable result is a fall to the ground. The motorist may loss balance or control of the handle bars. This can happen when instability is caused due to oil slicks on the street or other debris.

Smart Preventative Strategy For Motorcyclists

A significant amount of planning and vigilance is necessary to prevent collisions. Know the strategies necessary to do so by learning them here.

  • Keep an Eye on the Road. Crashes are often caused by erratic behavior of vehicles up ahead that cannot be avoided. In turn, the biker must take evasive action thereby resulting in a collision. To avoid doing so, keep an eye on the path ahead at all times
  • Keep a Safe Following Distance. In addition to watching the road, keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead in order to maximize the time to react to erratic driving behavior. Too many times collisions are caused by following too closely. They can be avoided by giving yourself time to mentally plan.
  • Obey all Traffic Laws While Riding. Laws exist for a reason. The rules of the road keep everyone safe. This is especially true for motorcyclists who are particularly susceptible to being hit by cars. Make sure to pass on the left side only. In addition, use signals and lights to make sure others see your presence.

Following the above objective advice about navigating the roadways is a start to safe riding. Understanding the risks as well as how to operate safely significantly reduces the likelihood of a crash. Yet, even those who comply with the highest standards of safety are at risk of becoming the victim of a negligent car operator. If you are such a victim, a personal injury attorney is your best option.

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