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Fatal Accident Involving Motorcycle in Ontario California

Motorcyclist dies Friday afternoon in a fatal motorcycle accident in Ontario, California.

Fatal Accident Involving Motorcycle in Ontario California

Fatal Accident Involving Motorcycle in Ontario California

Fatal Accident Involving Motorcycle in Ontario California – The motorcycle was possibly speeding, according to witness statements gathered by Ontario Police Traffic Investigators. Vineyard Avenue was shut down as a result of the motorcycle car crash.The fatal car crash occurred after the lunch hour between a Ford Explorer and a 23 year old motorcycle rider, who was driving at a very high speed southbound on Vineyard Avenue in Ontario.  The motorcycle lay in the middle of the intersection after the car crash.

The Ford driver was attempting to turn north on Vineyard Avenue from Fourth street, when he collided with the biker. The facts were obtained by the fatal car crash traffic investigators who interviewed witnesses who witnessed the accident. The contact caused the motorcycle rider to die as a result of the collision. The motorcycle and the Explorer sustained significant property damage as well.

There were 3 people in the SUV, and it is unknown what physical personal injuries may have been sustained by the occupants and the driver of the SUV. Due to the fast speed of the motorcycle, the police do not yet know who was at fault for the accident.  The liability will be determined after all witnesses are interviewed. The witnesses and the driver have been very cooperative with traffic accident investigators.

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