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15 Year Old Boy Hit By Car Sunday in Anaheim

Teenage Bicyclist was struck by a Car Late Sunday Night in Anaheim California

15 Year Old Boy Hit By Car Sunday in Anaheim

15 Year Old Boy Hit By Car Sunday in Anaheim

15 Year Old Boy Hit By Car Sunday in Anaheim – A teenage bicyclist was hit by a car late Sunday night in Anaheim, California on Brookhurst Street, southbound. The boy is 15 year old Ramiro Macias, and he was struck while riding his bike in the bike lane near Ball Road.  The accident occurred at 11:00 p.m.

The victim was hit by a car, a gray minivan, which fled the scene after the hit-and-run bike versus car collision. Anaheim Police Department traffic accident investigators said that there were witnesses to the serious car accident, which confirmed that the automobile, maybe a Dodge Caravan, was driving erratically. They say that the van swerved before he struck the bicyclist. The driver of the vehicle never stopped or slowed down after he crashed into the bike rider.

The victim is in critical condition in a medically induced coma after he was rushed to UCI Medical Center. Macias is a student at Savannah High School. He plays in the band. He was wearing a helmet when he was struck. Investigators are searching for the hit-and-run driver, who was described by witnesses to the accident as a Hispanic male between 30-40 years old. Police say that they are looking for the van, which will most likely have front end damage.

Bicyclists who are hit by a car suffer serious personal injury damages as a result of the collision. The unprotected body of a pedestrian or a bike rider can suffer broken bones, head trauma, skin abrasions, and are often killed by the collision. The Napolin Law firm, a personal injury law firm in Orange County, represents victims in bike accidents and obtains justice and compensation for their clients. The Napolin Law Firm is located near Anaheim, California at (714)451-2006

Police are asking anyone with information about the Van to contact The Anaheim Police Department or the anonymous line at  Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855-TIP-OCCS (855-847-6227).

SoCal Bicyclist vs. Vehicle Injury Attorneys

Bicycle riding is dangerous on the roadways of SoCal. Drivers often do not pay much attention or care for avoiding collision with cyclists. Anyone who is riding a bike and is struck by a vehicle may have a claim for property damage and personal injury against the drivers insurance carrier. The Napolin Law Firm assists local residents who have fallen victim to the negligent driving behavior of others. Many times police investigators do not do an adequate job tracking down those who hit and run. It is therefore important to contact an attorney who has the resources to place a private investigator on the ground to conduct further investigation. If you are in need, The Napolin Law Firm is here. Do not let serious bodily injuries go uncompensated! Contact us for a free consultation one on one with an experienced bicycle accident attorney!

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