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California Attorney Files First Class Action Against Shooter and MGM

This morning The Napolin Law Firm on behalf of the Las Vegas shooting victims and their families filed the first multi-plaintiff lawsuit against Stephen Paddock, MGM, Mandalay and Live Nation Entertainment.

The lawsuit intends to hold defendants responsible and to provide desperately needed compensation to the victims and their families who are experiencing overwhelming stress, missed work and sizable medical bills. The lawsuit has been brought in Los Angeles County because Live Nation Entertainment resides in Los Angeles County with its principal office located in Beverly Hills, California. The lawsuit alleges Assault, Battery, Negligence, Negligent Hiring, Training and/or Supervision, and Negligence.

Rocks on the ground at a candlelight vigil spell out RIP.

Rocks on the ground at a candlelight vigil spell out RIP.

While much remains unknown, the evidence that currently exists has led many victims to doubt that the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino followed basic hotel safety standards to prevent the entrance and housing of the active shooter. It has now been revealed that the shooter Stephen Paddock had access and in fact used the service elevator at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in the days preceding the shooting incident. This privilege to access the service elevator is provided as a 'courtesy for the casino's 'high rollers'. Allowing this privilege may have allowed Stephen Paddock to freely move his weapons to his room on the 32nd floor. Furthermore, the timeline of events raises suspicion over Mandalay Bay response time. Prior to the attack on the music festival, a maintenance employee told hotel dispatchers to call the police and report that a gunman had opened fire with a rifle inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel. The casino employee heard gunshots and witnessed shooting while inspecting a jammed fire door on the 32nd floor of the hotel. This incident took place at least 6 minutes prior to Steven Paddock opening fire on the Harvest Festival.

Legal papers in California have now been filed against Mandalay Resort and Casino, MGM Mirage and Live Nation Entertainment alleging that they should have and could have prevented this kind of attack. In this day in age, with the proliferation of terrorist attacks, including the 2015 San Bernardino Shooting Attack, the acts of October 1, 2017 appear to be foreseeable. Other hotels, such as Wynn Resorts, take precautions that the evidence may show would have likely stopped the shooter before the shooting even began. Wynn Resorts' CEO Steven Wynn has commented that it is his policy to check rooms with "do not disturb" signs after 12 hours. The legal papers allege that the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and its parent company MGM Mirage, while not the perpetrators of the shooting itself, failed to act reasonably to protect their guests and the public at large from a very real and foreseeable harm.

The Napolin Law Firm is determined to define what hotels must reasonable do to protect their invitees and the public at large from active shooter situations and gun violence in general. The lawsuit alleges that the victims suffered damages due to Mandalay Bays failure to reasonably protect people from this type of harm. This type of incident was foreseeable before it happened and it is foreseeable now that it has happened. The Napolin Law Firm believes that the evidence thus far raises a reasonable suspicion that Mandalay Bay foresaw this type of incident and failed to adequately protect people from the shooter.

California Victims Had Right to Be Protected

The law is clear that if a person or company fails to exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable injury to others, the victim and their family members have a legal right to recover damages against them. In the currently situation, The Napolin Law Firm strongly believes that the events of October 1, 2017 were foreseeable and that those in charge did not act reasonably to protect their guests and the public at large. Gun violence and terrorist shooting scenarios are now prevalent and private companies are responsible for protecting their patrons through security counter measures. By holding Mandalay Bay and Casino, MGM Mirage and Live Nation Entertainment liable for their failures, the United States of America becomes a safer place to live and prosper. This is why California Attorney Files First Class Action Against Shooter and MGM.

California Attorney Files First Class Action Against Shooter And MGM

California Attorney Files First Class Action Against Shooter And MGM

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer exists to help injury victims and promote the protection of the public through private legal action. In this instance, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer APC strong believes that those harmed in this incident should make consider joining in the fight to learn what happened and make sure hotels are doing their part to protect terrorism in the United States. If you or a family member was involved in the Mandalay Bay Harvest Festival shooting, Napolin is here to support you and provide you with legal representation.

Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.