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Ambulance Collides with Multiple Vehicles in I-10 East Crash

Multiple Vehicle Crash Involving Ambulance on the I-10 eastbound at Citrus Offramp in West Covina CA

Ambulance Collides with Multiple Vehicles in I-10 East Crash

Ambulance Collides with Multiple Vehicles in I-10 East Crash

WEST COVINA, CA (May 17, 2016) – Ambulance Collides with Multiple Vehicles in I-10 East Crash – An ambulance crashed into 2 other vehicles on the I-10 east in West Covina during the early hours of Tuesday morning. All 3 vehicles were severely damaged in the crash and ended up blocking traffic in multiple middle lanes near the Citrus Street off ramp.

The local fire department was called to the scene and reportedly found several vehicles blocking the first, second and third eastbound lanes as well as a section of the fourth lane. All incoming traffic was pushed to the right hand side of the road around 1:38 am. Eventually all 4 lanes of eastbound traffic were reopened to normal traffic. The incident caused a delay of at least an hour for local job commuters. Due to the severity of the crash, additional ambulance services were requested to respond to the scene of the accident. Although no major injuries were reported, the severity of the collision may have in fact led to serious bodily injury. At this time of this posting no further details have been released as to whether or not there were any passengers in the ambulance under paramedic care at the time of the collision.

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