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Semi Truck Spin Out Accident on 57 Freeway

Big Rig Crash on 57 Freeway Near Arrow Hwy San Dimas

Semi Truck Spin Out Accident on 57 Freeway

Semi Truck Spin Out Accident on 57 Freeway

San Dimas, CA (April 30, 2016) – Semi Truck Spin Out Accident on 57 Freeway – A truck accident crash between a semi truck and a Nissan Pathfinder was reported Saturday morning on State Route 57 South near Arrow Highway. The accident took place at around 8:20 am and due to the extent of the wreckage, the freeway was closed down for about an hour while emergency and road crews responded.

During the accident, the big rig apparently spun out of control and flipped onto its side. As a result, sigalert was issued to warn oncoming traffic for more than an hour. Additionally, lanes three and four of the 57 Freeway had to be shut down after the accident. The semi truck appeared to suffer extensive damage to its front end and tow trucks were called to the scene. Jan’s Tow and Minas Sander’s Tow responded to the request for flatbed services to help with vehicle removal. During this time, the southbound lanes of 57 Freeway remained closed to allow for the safe removal of both vehicles from the road.

No major injuries were reported at the scene but that doesn’t mean that the parties involved should have denied medical treatment. In many car and truck accidents that take place in southern California, injuries aren’t always immediately identified. Getting checked out by a medical professional is very important for drivers and passengers who are involved in an auto accident in California. Many car accident victims do not notice their injuries for several hours or days after the incident has taken place. To build a strong personal injury claim and get the treatment necessary to recover properly, never deny medical treatment after an auto accident.

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