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Crane Accident

Dangers Posed by Construction Cranes to Workers and the Public

Crane Accidents -

Tractor Crane Accident

Tractor Crane Accident

Crane Accident - These happen all the time in construction areas whether it was by the crane operators or co-workers on site. Crane accidents can result in fatal injuries and sometimes even death. When the general public is exposed to a construction area, crane accidents can injury or kill those passing by.

OSHA Regulations - The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that there are around 125,000 cranes operating in the US everyday. This results in a large number of injuries and deaths every day. In 2008 alone, 58 workers died as a result of a crane accident in addition to 126 injuries. OSHA conducts periodic inspection of cranes, trial runs when no workers are aboard the platform and require their operation with the presence and assistance of a qualified person.

Main Causes of Crane Accident

The main causes of these types of incidents include both malfunction and negligence. Sometimes it is a combination of both, but not usually. In other instances, the negligence is not from the operator but from workers failing to properly warn cars and pedestrians of the imminent danger posed near construction areas. Therefore, a full analysis of the circumstances that lead to the incident is required to determine how the accident happened.

  1. Malfunction: cranes have a complex mechanical design, large size and heavy weight. Therefore, a simple error that occurs in the operation of a crane can result in devastating consequences.
  2. Negligence: inexperienced or distracted operators pose the biggest threat to crane accidents. Negligence however includes the failure to abide by the safety measures by the operator or by workers in charge of implementing proper precautions and warnings in a construction area.

Likely Ways Injuries Arise from Crane Accident

The most common crane accident is an injury sustained as a result of the crane dropping an item. In 2013, OSHA reports show that falling was the most common cause of death for workers on construction sites.Another type arises when a crane hook fails. Injuries also result from unbalanced or improperly mounted crane, causing things to fall from the machine or the machine to completely tip over on its side, back or front.. This usually happens when the object being lifted is significantly heavier than the mount resulting the crane to topple or tip. Finally, injuries and death can transpire where proper warning of construction area where an otherwise safe operation is underway.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Catastrophic Injury and Death

Abiding by the rules of procedures and the safety measures is the first step you should always take to avoid fatalities. If you see that a rule or a measure is being violated, report it as soon as possible.

Second, you must always plan ahead before before you start your work. This includes identifying risks and strategies to avoid any potential issue. Third, make sure you have all your appropriate equipment available to you especially when you are working more than 6 feet above the ground.

Protecting Legal Interests Following a Crane Accident

Whether you were the operator or a coworker, if you sustained injuries resulting from a crane accident, the crane company is liable for your damages.

There are two ways in which you can recover for the damages you sustained as a result of your injury: 1) Through filing a workers’ compensation claim: for injured workers where you would need to prove causation but not negligence itself; and 2) Through a personal injury lawsuit: for non-workers such as pedestrians where negligence and causation will have to be shown for damages to be assessed and for the case to be accepted and settled.

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Crane Accident Damages Attorneys

Crane Accident Damages Attorneys

Investigation into the specific cause of construction site accidents involving cranes must be undertaken before evidence stales. After a while, the project is completed and memories fade and the circumstances surrounding the incident covered up. The Napolin Law Firm employs private investigators to investigate and uncover the facts surrounding accidents that happen to our clients. Additionally, we make sure that each and every client receives first class service through our professional staff and compassionate attorneys. If you are searching to hire a personal injury lawyer, find out more about the Napolin attorneys by calling our main number or reading more here.

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