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Trash Truck Accident

Dangers of Trash Trucks Accidents Injuries

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Trash Truck Accident

Trash Truck Accident - Most people pay little attention to refuse operators and their trucks. The can's go out and come back in each week, and occasionally we see a rubbish truck driving around the city other days of the week to service different households for their trash day. You may think that trash trucks do nothing but grab your rubbish once every week. In actually, trash trucks can and do cause a lot more harm than what you would think. This is so despite high levels of care taken in their operation.

Dangers of Trash Trucks to Learn and Understand - 

Trash Truck Accident

Trash Truck Accident

Trash Trucks are dangerous and pose risks to pedestrians and car operators and passengers on the streets of your neighborhood. During operation, they pose a significant risk to residential areas where people live and children play. Their large sizes and poor visibility present a danger in these areas where pedestrians and bicyclists and especially children are found at most times of the day. In addition, the stop-and-go nature of these machines makes it difficult to predict their movement. Their signals are often hard to interpret, resulting in drivers and pedestrians making false assumptions about the driver's intention. This issue leads to misjudgment causing the collision of bodies and other vehicles to strike the truck. On the other hand, the large, bulky trucks give their operators poor visibility which in and of itself can result in the driver making mistakes in navigating the roadways. Sadly, there is a large number of people gravely injured and many killed every year as a result of rubbish truck accidents.

For the refuse truck workers, the nature of the occupation poses sanitation and health risks as well. In addition, it is found that many workers sustain injuries as a result of jerky and unexpected movements of garbage trucks where workers are thrown off the truck and sometimes into traffic or dangerous machinery. This often results in serious injuries and sometimes death in some circumstances.

Precautions to Take To Avoid Refuse Truck Accidents

It is of high importance to learn precautions to take to avoid a trash truck accident due to the severe injuries that result when they do happen. Here are some helpful tips to keep you and your family safe from these types of serious and often deadly incidents.

  • Always keep an eye on your children and avoid allowing front yard play unless it is within bounds;
  • Teach youngsters the importance of not playing in the street, especially on garbage day;
  • Remind yourself and your family to look both ways before entering any roadway;
  • Keep an eye out for flying debris while refuge machines are in transit or operating nearby;
  • Be aware of the roadway traffic while walking on sidewalks or along the side of an avenue, boulevard or street; and
  • Drive with extra precaution when you encounter or pass refuse trucks.

The above list just gives some helpful tips to avoid serious injury from a roadway accident. Even while exercising all these precautions, it is still possible to fall victim to a negligent operator. It is therefore imperative to understand your right to collect damages in the event you or a family member falls victim to a tragic accident.

Law Firm Representation After Trash Truck Accident Injury

Trash Truck Accidents Injuries Law Firm

Trash Truck Accidents Injuries Law Firm

In some jurisdictions, the trash company is run by the government or municipality itself. This creates a shortened time frame for bringing legal action for negligence damages due to the defendant being a government entity. In most jurisdictions the rubbish is disposed of by a company contracted by the municipality or other government entity. This may extend the limitations period 2 years from the date of the incident. In any event, it is important to retain the representation of a knowledgeable motor vehicle crash law firm with the resources to take on high stakes litigation.

If you or your loved one suffered from a trash truck accident, make sure to consult an attorney. Trash truck companies are well aware of their potential risk and hence are very quick at obtaining evidence and witnesses to help strengthen their case and therefore reduce their liability and consequently your recovery award. While some solo lawyers may have the skills, they lack the resources that a solid law firm offers to injury clients. The Napolin Law Firm has the advocacy skills and resources to help you. And, we offer a completely risk free and confidential case evaluation at no charge up front. All you have to do is call 909.325.6032 and ask to speak to a lawyer about a personal injury that has befallen you or your family, and we are here for you.

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