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Drugs or Alcohol Suspected in Fatal Perris Crash

75-year-old Woman and 8-year-old Girl Killed In Perris Crash, DUI Suspected

Drugs or Alcohol Suspected in Perris Crash, Killing Two, Injuring Others

Drugs or Alcohol Suspected in Perris Crash, Killing Two, Injuring Others

PERRIS, CA (Jul. 22, 2020) – A multi-vehicle crash occurred at approximately 10:00 PM near the intersection of Perris Boulevard and Ramona Expressway.

While driving south on Perris Boulevard, the driver of a Mercedes-Benz ran a red light. A westbound Dodge Durango was struck by the Mercedes-Benz.

Both passengers of the Durango, a 75-year-old women and an 8-year-old child, were killed. Riverside County authorities report that the occupants of the other vehicle were injured, but have not yet stated the number of occupants or extent of their injuries.

The impact of the crash caused the Durango to crash into a Honda Accord which was about to turn onto Perris Boulevard. Authorities have not reported on the injuries sustained by the occupants of the Accord either.

The Sherriff’s Office states that those who were injured were immediately delivered to a nearby hospital. All were treated for their injuries.

Although no clear reasons were given, officials suspect the involvement of drugs or alcohol due to the nature of the crash. It is still unclear if any arrests have been made.

Deputy Cail, of the Perris Sherriff’s Station, urges anyone who witnessed the crash to call the office at (951) 210-1068.

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