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Los Angeles Motorcyclist Fatality After Driver Flees Crash Scene

Hit and Run Los Angeles County Car Accident Leaves Motorcycle Rider Dead at the Scene

Los Angeles Motorcyclist Fatality After Driver Flees Crash Scene

Los Angeles Motorcyclist Fatality After Driver Flees Crash Scene

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA (JUNE 4, 2016) – Los Angeles Motorcyclist Fatality After Driver Flees Crash Scene – Los Angeles Police confirmed that the driver of a vehicle in a hit and run car accident left the scene of a crash after a collision Saturday after 2 a.m. The crash left the motorcycle rider, Steven Vega, dead from fatal injuries caused by the accident. Accident investigators have not yet identified the identity of the 29 year-old driver who collided into the rider on the motorcycle.

The motorcycle crash happened on Devonshire Street in Arleta, California between the Suzuki motorcycle. The motorcyclist was violently thrown from the bike and an unknown vehicle. The biker landed on Arleta Avenue. He was killed in the fatal accident. There is no description of the car that hit the motorcycle. Someone has advertised a reward for any information about the car or driver who crashed into the biker.

Authorities with the Traffic Division are asking people who witnessed the accident to call them at LAPD Valley traffic division. The phone number to call and report the accident details of the hit and run driver is (818) six four four- eight zero three seven.

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