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Severe Big Rig Accident Causes NB 5 Freeway Closure

Big Rig Accident Results In Burning Vehicle & Freeway Closure

Severe Big Rig Accident Causes NB 5 Freeway Closure

Severe Big Rig Accident Causes NB 5 Freeway Closure

LOS ANGELES, CA [Dec. 12, 2020] – At approximately 5:15 AM, Monday morning, a big rig truck was overturned near Stadium Way, Los Angeles.

The truck, laying near the center dividers of the freeway, blocked multiple lanes, effectively closing the freeway and causing a massive standstill traffic jam.

Furthermore, the incident resulted in the truck expelling gallons of fuel onto the road, creating a dangerous hazard for the nearby vehicles and authorities.

According to the traffic incident log from the California Highway Patrol, it is still unclear how the collision occurred. However, a black SUV was also found damaged at the scene. Whether the SUV was the cause or result of the accident is unknown as of now.

After some time, the SUV, surrounded by the spilled fuel of the truck, caught fire and was immediately engulfed in flames. CHP then issued a SigAlert to close all northbound lanes so as to prevent further bystander exposure to hazard, allow investigators to analyze the scene, and clear debris. The alert provided for the closure until 7:30 AM at the earliest, with potential for an extension if necessary.

News video from the scene showed vehicles attempting to use the Riverside Drive onramp to escape the area. Delays from the accident extended as far back as the 710 Freeway. Authorities are still investigating the scope and extent of the damages and injuries resulting from the incident.

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