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Diamond Bar Motorcycle Accident Leaves Pomona Man Dead

Fatal Vehicle Collision on the 60 Freeway in Diamond Bar Ends in Fatality of Pomona Resident

Diamond Bar Motorcycle Accident Leaves Pomona Man Dead

Diamond Bar Motorcycle Accident Leaves Pomona Man Dead

DIAMOND BAR, CA (JUNE 17, 2016) – Diamond Bar Motorcycle Accident Leaves Pomona Man Dead – A Pomona man was killed while riding his motorcycle on the 60 Freeway when he collided into a vehicle. The motorcycle rider clipped the car in front of him, a Saturn, in the number 5 lane. The biker was 24 year old Ivan Galindo, who lived in Pomona.

Traffic was moderate at the time of the accident at around 4pm. The traffic collision occurred on the 60 freeway going east, near the Grand Avenue and 57 freeway interchange. After the motorcycle hit the rear of the automobile in front of him in the same lane, at 50 MPH, it went into another freeway lane and then struck the rear of a truck, a cement mixer, which was driving slowly in the farthest right lane.

Man Ejected From motorbike to Pavement

The motorcyclist was ejected, flew through the air, and landed on the pavement. The injuries sustained by the rider, Mr. Galindo, were major. He succumbed to his injuries. This was a fatal traffic accident, with major injuries sustained.

Neither the driver of the Saturn nor the driver of the truck, both involved in the car accident, were injured during the collision. There is no information about the property damage to either vehicle. Galindo was transported to the Pomona Valley Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. California Highway Patrol is looking for witnesses to the fatal motorcycle accident, and are asking anyone who saw it to call the Baldwin Park CHP office with any information. Accident investigators were able to identify the motorcyclist immediately, and they obtained statements from the drivers of the vehicles involved in the collision. The motorcycle was listed as a new 2015 Kawasaki Ninja.

The motorcycle riding accident investigation is ongoing. The CHP will complete its accident investigation report after they obtain all facts involving the fatal motorcycle accident. It takes an average of 4-6 weeks before an investigation is complete and the accident report is finished.

Diamond Bar Motorcycle Rider Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle riding is dangerous. A motorcycle crash usually results in major injuries, and often results in death. An experienced motorcycle rider can try to lessen the impact of the crash by braking hard prior to collision, but high speed is a major cause of the fatal injuries. When a rider is ejected from the bike and is flown through the air, chances are that the injuries sustained upon landing on the concrete will be life threatening. Normally, the cause of the accident is not the motorcyclist. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the lawyers at The Napolin Law Firm will give you a free consultation and answer your questions.

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