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Freak San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider Decapitated

Hanging Broken Electricity Wire Decapitates San Bernardino California Motorcycle Rider Early Tuesday Morning

Freak San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider Decapitated

Freak San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider Decapitated

Freak San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider Decapitated – A motorcyclist was decapitated and died in a freak accident in San Bernardino, California. The accident happened early Tuesday Morning. The bike rider was Fabian Zepeda, a 27 year-old San Bernardino resident. He was riding his motorcycle on Macy Street, and he drove through a hanging broken electricity wire that was stretched across the road. It was a gruesome scene, as the motorcyclist was immediately decapitated.

San Bernardino Police explained that just before the horrible incident, a male driving a Ford Taurus on Macy Street crashed into a mailbox and drove across the front yard of a home. The Taurus continued on until it collided into a wooden telephone pole, which, in turn, caused the electric and telephone wires to fall across the road. Fabian Zepeda drove just moments behind this preceding accident, and drove into the hanging wire where he was decapitated.

San Bernardino Police Department Traffic Investigators stated that the driver of the Ford Taurus did not seem to be under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the pole. That driver, unidentified so far, was questioned at the scene, and was taken into custody for a blood test as part of their investigation.

Fabian Zepeda leaves behind a pregnant wife, and a GoFundMe page was set up by Zepeda’s widow, Vanessa Quintana, to help pay for funeral and burial costs. His widow Quintana said the 27-year-old was “the most caring, loving, family orientated unique individual who always managed to care for others before himself.”

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