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Autistic Child Fatally Struck By Truck in Tustin California

Autistic Child Fatally Struck By Truck in Tustin California

Autistic Child Fatally Struck By Truck in Tustin California

Autistic Boy Run Over By Truck Passes Away At CHOC After Being Transported by Ambulance

Autistic Child Fatally Struck By Truck in Tustin California – An autistic child was hit by a car last night in Tustin, California. The boy, twelve years old, was run over by a Nissan Frontier just before 8:00 p.m. on Jamboree Road somewhere between Portola Pkwy and Champion Wy.

The fatal child pedestrian accident victim was transported by Ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Orange County. When he arrived, he was still alive, although his condition was critical.  He later succumbed to his traffic accident injuries and died. First responders arrived on the accident scene to find someone performing CPR on the victim, and Orange County Fire took over.

Fatal traffic accident detectives learned that the boy who was killed in the fatal collision had run away from home where he was being watched by his nanny. The nanny had called the police to report that the boy was missing, and then the flood of 911 calls poured in, reporting that a child had been hit by a car.  The driver of the Nissan truck was an adult male and was cooperative with investigators. It was determined that neither alcohol nor drugs were involved in the collision. Traffic accident investigators with Orange County and the city of Tustin are still investigating the fatal pedestrian vs. automobile collision. It could take weeks or months to complete an accident report.

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