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Orange County Firm Files More Lawsuits Against Childrens Dental Group

The Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Files Several More Complaints For Malpractice Among Other Claims Against Chldren's Dental Group in Anaheim California

Orange County Firm Files More Lawsuits Against Childrens Dental Group

Orange County Firm Files More Lawsuits Against Childrens Dental Group

Orange County Firm Files More Lawsuits Against Childrens Dental Group – Napolin has filed several more lawsuits on behalf of children and their parents who were treated at Children's Dental Group in Anaheim, California after they were discovered to be infected with the mycrobacteria found in the dirty water system of the dental office. The lawyers conducted an investigation and have possibly uncovered a diabolical get rich scheme used by the dental group exploiting Medi-cal insurance benefits of low income children. The children were forced to undergo unnecessary expensive dental procedures, including multiple pulpotomies (baby root canals), baby teeth extractions, stainless steel caps and fillings which have many times led to surgery to remove the bacteria infected teeth.

As a result of the of the unnecessary expensive dental treatment and infections, many children have had surgery and have been hospitalized at CHOC Hospital. During the unnecessary children's dental procedures, the children were strapped down on a “papoose board”, referred to as a “hugging blanket” by Children's Dental Group, which is a straight-jacket like barbaric device.

Orange County Firm Files More Lawsuits Against Children's Dental Group

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer has filed several more lawsuits in Orange County Superior Court on behalf of the victims in the Medi-Cal billing high volume dental scheme. More than 500 children were exposed to the bacteria filled water during the months of March through August of 2016.  These children had unnecessary root canals after being told by the dentist or a dental assistant that it was an urgent medical need. The bacteria remained inside the tooth, which grew to attack the tooth, gums and bone. High doses of strong antibiotics, which is used to treat leprosy, have been used to treat the infected children.

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Parents of children who were treated at The Children's Dental Group, located at 2156 East Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim, are encouraged to seek legal representation from Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer in Orange County, California.  “We have been contacted by at least 50 families who have been victimized by the Children's Dental Group in Anaheim. Every time we hear stories about their experience with that office, we hear the same, consistent horrifying details. These kids are being treated in an abusive manner, and now, they are infected with a life threatening bacteria, and their lives are changed forever. We are suing Children's Dental Group, and we plan on exposing them for the barbaric treatment that they force on these children” said Alexander D. Napolin, Esq. a personal injury attorney who is representing several of the children infected. It is expected that more families will file claims and lawsuits to obtain personal injury damages compensating them for their injuries. Mr. Napolin is in Orange County and The Inland Empire at (714)451-2006.

Alexander D. Napolin, Esq.